Circle K / unethical behavior

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My boyfriend works at a circle k and is constantly dealing with sexual harassment, manager and gm issues. There is a person at his work named dona and she will constantly hit on him and tough him, though he has asked her to stop she hasn't. Another issue is with management. He has been working there for 3 years and because of the harassment has become very unhappy at his store and has asked for a transfer to another store but for reasons unknown was never granted it. A couple of days ago there was a girl who ripped her pants and was told to go home because of it. When management was told about this the store manager agreed it was the right action taken. However she wasn't happy about it and wanted to transfer so went around the store manager (Who wasn't on her side) to the gm who sided with the girl and gave her a transfer. If its not one thing its another. Im not trying to say that my bf is great worker and the others aren't but when he cant even go to management and the gm as a last option. I don't know what he can do.

Mar 10, 2017

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