Circle K Stores / extremely bad service / denied service

Melrose Fla, United States

I was at the Melrose Circle K today at 250 pm EST. I waited my turn in line I wanted to check lottery scratch off tickets numbers to see which one I wanted to buy. Quite a few percentage of the people who buy scratch's off there do that. I have had to wait in line in past with no problems while people want decide which cigarettes they want to buy with no problems in past. Checking like 3 to 5 different brands. Often taking a long time while the person who serviced me today hunts everything for them. When my turn came up she refuses to check numbers states she will get ticket but will not check numbers. Claims she has to many people in line. She has no problems though getting stuff for other people she is friendly with but checking numbers for me is out the question. To be clear if you were to ask clerks about me in the past 8 months they would remember me doing the following there. A) gave a guy who's motorbike broke down a ride home with motorbike in tow in my van. That was on New Years eve. B) called attention to a small kitten that was in danger of being killed ran over at the store. C) Jump started 2 different people on 2 separate occasions there that had battery issues. D) when I win big on lottery at the store often tip the clerks as way of paying back their excellent service to me. Since I see them get treated crappy all the time.

Today I was treated pardon the word like [censored]. If your policy is I can't check the ticket numbers before I buy that's fine. I know for fact if it had been certain other people she likes I would had to wait in line while they buy smokes or she check tickets for them. Worst service I have ever received at that store in my life. Says a lot since I have lived in Melrose since 93.
Date of incident 10/15/2018
Melrose Fla 32666

Oct 15, 2018

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