Circle K Stores / employee treatment

Phoenix, AZ, United States

I am a new employee at circle k and take my job very serious. I have only been there 8 days I was called in my ninth day and told I was suspended I was shocked literally shocked because I had worked eight days straight 9 hours a day remind you I got the call from circle k that I would be starting training I was in the hospital I had a heart attack I was released on the 28th and started working on the on the 29th I explained to the trainer. She decided I could still go thru training I agreed I started working at night over night two days later. Around the seventh day I was getting really tired I had been told o better not complain about it I didnt. Now I spoke to the market manager after the manager called and said I was suspended. My God he was so nasty he said you know what you did I was shocked that he was speaking to me that way threten to hang up on me three times I was I tears he was saying that I didn't pay for my food although I all receipts for and that I had someone hanging out at the store I thought I don't know anyone it that area this crazy I have been off for a week I can't afford this

Sep 13, 2017

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