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I think going in to this Circle K for the past six months and there's been one employee that has been incredibly mean and rude to me every single time I've gone in and I've kind of let it slide because she always looked like she was on drugs and it was very scary sometimes I didn't know if she would become violent or not but it was incredibly apparent that she was on something filling reason why I can't say that for certain is because I am a nurse and I have seen this kind of behavior before. But recently I went in and apparently she decided that she was going to call me a [censor]! At that point I told her that that wasn't OK and that I was going to be letting someone know what she did and she then told me go ahead and do it there's nothing that they can do to me they've tried firing me before but I've told them that if they try to fire me that I'm going to sue the company for sexual harassment or other things and she basically told me that there was no way that she could be fired and for me to go ahead and make a complaint because she can't be touched and those were her own words. This is not acceptable behavior and this is not OK! I called the center I hopefully someone will be calling me back but I'm actually scared for her to know who is making this complaint because I'm afraid that she might do something to me or to my property.

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    I went into a Circle K store number 344 I believe and the cashier has been harassing me for about six months saying horrible things about me and the last time I went and she called me a [censor] this is unacceptable I'm scared to make a complaint to the manager because the cashier my do something to me she always seems to be on Verizon and she's been no need to be violent in the past she's been arrested before and I'm actually scared to be making this complaint because she might do something to me or my property and make my life much more difficult. She's also told me that there's no way for the company to fire her because she will claim sexual-harassment she's told me many times that there's nothing that anyone can do because if someone fires her she will sue the company. This should not happen but it is happening and I have call and written, claim before to your corporate headquarters and I have not heard anything back. I feel like this company is turning a blind eye To someone who is abusing your customers.

Nov 28, 2017

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