Circle K Stores / cashier refusing service discrimination

I always have some type of problem with a certain cashier but tonight she was just so nasty and rude to me. I went to the ATM, withdrew 40 dollars, went to make a frosty, got her long line and waited my turn at the counter. When it was my turn I placed my frosty on the counter, pulled out a 20 dollar bill and says, I'm not breaking that for no .87. I said excuse me it's a 20 dollar bill. She said it again I'm not breaking that, meaning my 20, for a dollar.
She then went to the customers standing behind me, a woman and child and proceeded to attend to them. I stood there while patiently waiting and when she was done, she told me again she's not doing it. Then told the cashier that just came in to count her draw down and see if she could do it. A twenty dollar bill. Most convenient stores tell you they won't break anything over a 50 dollar bill but I had a 20 dollar bill. She refused me service, was very rude, nasty, inconsiderate and disrespectful.

Jun 09, 2018

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