Circle K Stores / cashier on 4400 coors and gun club

Albuquerque, NM, United States
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This morning I went to put gas on 4400 circle k on gun club and coors and when i went to put gas they only gave me $1.74 and not the other dollar. I didn't have enough for gas. So as i go inside to the other cashier i told her how much I had got and were was the other dollar and the other cashier who took the money came and said she only put $1.74 because my dollar was a fake! She gave me a big attitude which I didn't appreciate I explained to her it's not fake if I got it from a store. ( Walmart) She explained that the machine read it as fake and she wouldn't give it back because she needed to give it to her boss. I totally understand that but I'm frustrated that she thinks I would ever give anybody a fake dollar just because it was washed up and the shoulder wasnt rough enough from doing laundry. I would never give a fake dollar to any store. I would like an apology for her attitude and at least a dollar back from the gas I had purchased because I feel like she stole from me.! Smh NEVER COMING BACK TO THIS LOCATION and I'm going to spread the word to my family and friends because this is ridiculous.

Circle K Stores

Oct 17, 2018

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