Circle K / manager/employee

Millbury Ohio, United States

I was in the store on 2/2 at approx. 700am. The store is located in Northwood Ohio on woodville road. I go to this store almost daily to get coffee, gas, snacks etc. Almost every time I go in something is not stocked. For example, the hazelnut coffee is all out or the creamer dispenser is empty, there are no artificial sweeteners stocked. Because of this I am always having to ask one of the employees to restock it, wasting valuable commute time to work. Often times the employees are busy doing something else so I have to wait for them to restock whatever I need. Yesterday 2/2 I did not have the time for that. Thankfully yesterday they had hazelnut coffee brewed, when I went to the creamer dispenser nothing came out. The dispenser is right next to the register. I told the girl running the register that the creamer was out. She didn't even respond to me. Being short on time I had to quickly get the single creamers and begin emptying them into my coffee. I was in such a haste, apparently I left a few empty creamer containers on the coffee prep counter. This morning, 2/3, I was paying for my coffee and the same employee/manager was at the register. I paid for my coffee and she yelled at me "thanks for the mess yesterday!" I explained that I was in a hurry yesterday and I may have inadvertently left some creamers on the counter. She yelled again "there was no reason for that! I had to pick those up! All you had to do was tell me!" I was treated horribly by this employee. Everyone in the store was staring at me. I do not go somewhere daily and spend my money there to get yelled at.

  • Updated by Kristi1, Feb 03, 2017

    This employee is very rude. It was unacceptable for her to treat paying customers this way

Feb 3, 2017

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