Circle K / ex employee

Gainesville, FL, United States

I worked with circlek for 6 months ive done everything i was asked to do even beyond what was required. I was fired 2weeks ago cause I've given 5 free polar pops while on my shift...i understand my actions are unjustly and that it's not ok. The reason why im contacting you guys today is because a week prior to me getting fired i had worked 1st shift, while doing so i over heard my manager n my assistant manager that close to 1000 dollar's is missing on my assistant manager bank run and not once was he suspended and fired to this day that money is still missing. During my time there plenty of my fellow co worker's have been late multiple times and not once was my co worker's gotten fired or even suspended. I've seen my manager n assistant manager give free polar pops all the time and also I've seen them take tobacco products, also my assistant manager has given his fellow coworker a free pack of tobacco product only charge them for 3 of them. I find it extremely unfair n unjustly that I've been let go and not once has anyone else been punished for there actions. If this issue has not been resolved i hve no choice to sue the company. Please feel free to contact me at [protected]

Nov 28, 2016

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