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We needed help pumping our gas. It was our first time at that gas station and it was different then all the ones we've been to. We were not able to figure it out on our own so we canceled the payment and tried paying inside. Instead of getting help we got a much older lady yelling at my boyfriend and I and was completely rude. Instead of showing us how to work it she made us look stupid and didn't offer to help. Horrible customer service!!

Jun 2, 2015
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      29th of Aug, 2015

    I was at the circkle k on 59 ave Bethany Home I am a regular u guys have great service last night I had went in their and their was a new employee she was a Mexican girl she was so rude telling giving me attitude it was the worst experience ever and she was wearing slippers giving me so much attitude trying to argue with me after I had left the store she decided to walk to door and smile and laugh I will never go back to circkle k again

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      11th of Oct, 2015

    Circle K 2708747 located at 32nd Street and Union Hills In Phoenix AZ is the absolute WORST!!! I have quit going since there is a QuickTrip the other way. It is not quite as close to me, but it's worth it for the service. To begin with I stopped yesterday to pick up some stuff. I was on my way to my grandsons football game. One person at the registers with one customer. This particular customer was one those lottery tickets junkies who ties up the time of the cashier trying to decide what tickets to purchase...needless to say by the time she finished 6.5 minutes later there were five people in line behind me. The manager was in the store, don't know what he was doing. Never bothered to take a register and as far as I could tell had no one else to work a register. Just as cashier was finishing up the lottery customer another cashier finally came up to the other register. This happens all the time...again this morning 10/11/15 one cashier. The cashier was new to me and was very polite but she was the only one and there were plenty of customers entering the store. When I was leaving I saw the cashier from the previous day (she has long red hair and is a little overweight) she was leaving the store. To get to her vehicle, she went right past the trash can as you see in the picture I have attached. If I work someplace and even if I was off the clock and I saw something this bad, I would take the time to fix it. By the way this picture was taken at least 20 minutes after I left the store the time on my receipt was 9:07 AM. I got home and began writing out this complaint and decided to go back and take the picture which was at 9:36 AM. These two things are not the only things that have triggered this complaint. Maybe 3 months ago I entered the store just as it was beginning to rain. My shoes were wet and there was nothing to wipe my feet and as soon as my foot step on the tile inside the store I went down hard. My right foot slid out in front me causing me to go down extremely hard on my left knee. The male employee came to help me up (he has black hair with just a spot of grey on one side. The red headed employee from yesterday was also on duty that night. Once I got up and limped to the register to make my purchase, first asked why there was not a mat in front of the door and was told they were no longer allowed to use them because people trip on them. (Interesting) So then I asked for an incident report form to fill out and the red head told me they had no forms for things like this. She gave me a piece of paper and I used the back side to write down exactly what happened. I was very upset and in pain. I asked about the manager and she said he would be the next day and would call me. I have yet to receive a call from him. I also called the number to the corporate and have yet to receive a call from them.

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