Circle Kdisrespectful/rude employee

I want to start by saying I avoid this circle k as much as a can and is referred to by my friends and I as the "hood Circle K." Due to our numerous bad experiences there. Unfortunately, on January 15th around 3:20pm I entered the store to get 2 polar pops. The woman in front of me at the drink machine gets her cup and presses to get ice, on both sides, -sounds like there is ice coming. (Also there is FRESH ice in the drain that clearly came from the machine, directly under the ice dispenser) I got a cup and tried the other side along with the other woman that was in front of me. All the while there is a circle k employee right behind us restocking the creamers and sugars and things, after a few tries I turn to the employee and asked "is this out of ice?" She turns to me -with the [censor]iest face I've ever seen and says "OBVIOUSLY!" I have never been so mad, I cannot let this go. I dropped my cup and walked right out. This woman needs to be FIRED, and hopefully the crap knocked out of her. So rude and disrespectful. IF THE ICE IS OBVIOUSLY OUT, YOU OBVIOUSLY SHOULD PUT CUPS OVER THE ICE DISPENSERS, OR IDK MAYBE POST A SIGN?!? She's lucky I've found Jesus.

Jan 15, 2015

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