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Circle K / deans bridge rd cashier julie

1 Augusta Georgia, United States
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Im standing in line (with about 9 other ppl) as my turn approached THE CASHIER, JULIE looked at me with the nastiest l, hateful look on her face and ask "what I wanted" i said "I'm getting cigarettes I have just enough for crowns I think lemme count my change" as im counting you can tell JULIE is becoming more interupted my counting and ask "uhm, what kind of crown u want" I replied "menthol 100s" then slid her all the change I had in my hand and then my 3 one dollar bills, she looks up and says "(.95 cents)????? " and I said "do i need to get a nickle.out of the car? She snatches up my 3 dollars and is huffing talking about "psh I mean u didn't even tell me how much this was" and when i said "its your job to count the money and change when handed over to you, asked once again if I should go back for the 5cents I was short... She rolled her eyes at me and I said ma'am you're suppose to be respectful and help your customer" then she snatches the cigarettes up and throws all my money back at me saying I can "take my business somewhere else" so i leaned over the counter looked at her and said "can you even do that?!" Then she called over he other employee to escort me out and I grabbed my stuff and walked out.
**** forgot to mention while waiting in line 2ppl ahead of me she stops and tells a man 3 ppl behind me to "Go ahead he's good" and he walked out with an arm ful of drinks and candy.

Nov 19, 2016

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