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I am a diabetic and I take insulin and I have been coming to the movies in Lancaster and other area for years. The Cinemark in Lancaster California theatre movie s12 number 026 has let me bring my drink because my sugar level be up and down. But today I was denied to be allowed to bring my drink in. They told me that the policy is that I can't and I do not feel that is right because of my illness if people with other disability can bring what help them with their disability why can't I? Is it because of the profit that is made with food sale in the movie. I cannot afford to pay for the food in the movies.

Apr 26, 2017
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      Apr 28, 2017

    I'm not sure why you can't buy your drink there. You're not talking about a specialty drink that is the only thing to take care of your medical needs, I assume you're talking about bringing in a 32-44 oz fountain drink from Stop-N-Go, which is definitely not fair to the other patrons or the emoployees who are working hard to give everyone a good moviegoing experience. Now, if your problem is you truly can't afford the prices (even though Cinemark offers many coupons for deals along with free items when you put your phone into Cinemode) then maybe you could talk to the general manager about your special needs and maybe ask if you can keep a small can of coke in your bag or coat in case your blood sugar does bottom out. But please, don't use a perfectly manageable condition as an excuse to "beat the system."

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