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I went to a movie with a friend, and we were paying separately. I was told the new policy is that all seats will be assigned prior to the movie, and you can no longer just go into the theater and sit down. I asked what if my friend chooses a seat and someone else gets the one next to her. They said they'd have to refund the ticket to reassign us seats. I find this new practice to be very impractical, and annoying. I ended up feeling like I was sitting in the middle seat of a plane. It was awful! Who at Cinemark decided this was a good idea? What's extra for what they consider premium seats? It made for a very uncomfortable experience. It's bad enough I have to watch commercials, now this.

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    I went into the movie 15 minutes before it started. When I chose my seat it was an empty row. Then suddenly people were crowding in around me. It was a pretty empty theater only 1/4 full if that so I was surprised. We were blocked in and couldn't move to new seats. Where and from whom have you received this positive feedback? I wonder where this idea started in the first place. Plus, I don't ever wait in line more than a few minutes. Not sure what movie theater you patronize. I've also never experienced the sneaking kids in thing. That's on the theater if they let that happen. Good for you if you like the new policy. I don't and have started going to Regal so I can sit wherever I want.

Jan 9, 2017
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      14th of Mar, 2017

    There has been a lot of positive feedback to the new RESERVED seating. You choose your own seats. This eliminates the need to wait in line for 2 hours. This eliminates the issues when people sneak in their children and fill up the theater when there should still be seats available. This protects YOU the consumer. If you wind up sitting somewhere you don't want to it's because you chose that seat because you didn't feel like waiting for a later, more empty show. That's on you.

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      22nd of Mar, 2017

    Wow, that's strange. When I worked for Cinemark we never refused to let patrons change their seats if others were available. I'm surprised that when you noticed other people choosing to reserve seat near you and you went and asked if you could switch seats they said "no." That's not standard policy. And, yes, when I was a manager I did get a lot of positive feedback from people who came in and chose their seats in advance and therefore did not have to arrive 2 hours early to get a decent seat. Also, I'm sure you, as a customer, never had to deal with theaters being overfull because some of the people in there did not in fact buy tickets to that movie, but I assure you that the management team at those theaters DID have to deal with it. Reserved seating is one of the ways to avoid sneaking issues rather than hiring a whole team of people to interrogate each and every patron who walks in.

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