Cinemark / alex louco

Ada, OK, US

As a current employee of Cinemark in Ada I would like to say that Alexander Louco does not listen nor care about how his employees feel. Since his arrival we have lost almost all of our senior staff due to him. I'm only part time but always turn in calendars with the days I'm available and have never had a scheduling problem with the previous GMs. He is not willing to work with peoples schedules and if they conflict with what he wants then he stops scheduling you. I've also witnessed where he has tried to force a new manager to come in and do their online training while they are not on the clock so he doesn't have to pay for the training. He has the managers fill most of the shifts and most of the time there are either only one or none at all staff scheduled. It has gotten so bad that usually you only get one shift a week if you are lucky because he's giving all the staff shifts to the managers. He does not listen when you raise a concern to him. He turns it around on you and dismisses your worries.

Nov 15, 2017

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