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Cinemark 1052 / general manager

1 Chesapeake, VA, United States
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This is a concerned employee who works at the cinemark 1052 location. I would like to start off by saying ive gone through the proper channels to try and get this issue solved . It seems like im being ignored because i'm the only person at this location who takes these steps to complain .Others don't reach out to cinemark to complain because they feel like nothing will get solved, they feel like how they are treated doesn't matter to upper management at cinemark. This is the situation my general manger, wendy gulledge doesn't treat us well at all. Her attitude towards is very rude and hostile . When ive tried to talk to her she doesn't listen and she always talk over me when i try to explain things. One situation that recently happened was one of my coworkers called out of work because he needed emergency dental work done and he need to finish up some homework. So when he returned to work she confronted him and told him that his dental work and his homework weren't important and that cinemark comes first . The second situation that happened was today one of my coworkers forgot her work shoes so she had to wear a different pair of shoes. So when my general manger came in at 4:30 she confronted my fellow coworker about it, she tried to explain herself but mrs gulledge wouldn't listen and mrs gulledge asked her what would her father say . Things like this shouldn't be okay . Something needs to be done because we deserve to be treated better than this. I work hard for cinemark and im a great employee and so are my other co workers, actions should be taken because if we were to treat our customers the way wendy gulledge treats us we wouldn't have any customers to serve this kind of treatment towards employees has been going on for almost five years now . I’ve tried not to say anything for the fear of losing my job but something needs to be done . I know we care deeply about customer service but we should also have" employee service" too. Cinemark should care deeply about its employees and the way they are being treated . She needs to be held accountable for the way she treats us after all she is the general manager.

Nov 11, 2016

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