CIMB Bank / I am complaining about personal loan

cheras kuala lumpur, Malaysia

Hi my name is Flavia Harry, my IC number is [protected] and my handphone number is [protected]. i want to complain about your personal sales from credit card call centre. Around middle of april, i call cimb helpline and one of the staff calling SITI. SITI was attend my call, i call cimb because i want to ask more details about credit card detail, and whats a procedure about credit card. After that SITI suggest me to do personal loan, and she telling me if i want to cover or clear my debt at others bank cimb got lowest interest from others, when i says what its the interest now she mention below 10% and im so shocked and happy if cimb got that package. Thats very good and intresting right! and i agree thats package. when i noticed early May my loan is successful for 16k. and then i call cimb helpline again and want to ask more detail about this loan, suddenly i noticed im has been cheated, the staff that attend me from call says my loan is 24% intrest!!! thats loan is the highest personal loan.
Im so socked! why can she cheated me! this is about money!! im really2 sad.better i pay my personal loan from others bank its take 11% only. who gonna pay my loan for a year!! why this can happen! if u want to do sales or commission please don't act your client like this! i really dissappointed..!! CIMB MANAGER please take action! please investigate this case, i know all my conversion got record. this is scam already! i can make report police!

Jun 13, 2017

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