CiCi's Pizza / customer service/ unsanitary

Horrific experience at ci ci's pizza in cape girardeau, mo! while paying for the buffet the cashier wiped his nose on his shirt that already had dried snot on it, there was food and trash on the floor, while eating I noticed a worker blowing his nose in the kitchen in plain sight for all the customers to see, none of them were wearing gloves or hair nets, and I found a hair baked in to my dessert pizza!, when I approached the manager to show him the hair he had an attitude and said "i'll just make another one" and walked away. I was absolutely disgusted not only by the hair in my food but the over all cleanliness and unsanitary practices of the staff! it's restaurants like this that are causing customers to avoid eating at other chain locations and giving your company a bad name! needless to say I want my money back!

CiCi's Pizza

Nov 26, 2017

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