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CIC Triple Advantage / REFUND of unauthorized charges made monthly

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My story and how I got my refund:

I got my "free" credit report from about three months ago. For the last two months, I've received unauthorized charges from some outfit labeled "CIC Triple Advantage." Today, I found out that this is the label of the charges made for a bogus membership that had signed me up for automatically. Even if you think you are not wanting (or are clicking "no" for) any further services from them, this "membership" is begun, and you must give written notification that you do not want it, or you must call [protected] to "cancel membership." And be prepared to wait a long time. Use a land-line phone, so that you are not cut off!

Following is an edited-for-time transcript of my phone call to the above number:

After calling the number (at 12:20 pm MT) and telling the woman that I wanted to "cancel my membership," and after she went through a long spiel about how I signed up for such and such and that this included such and such, she put me on hold with music for a minute or so. The woman came back on and said that my membership was now canceled.

I THANKED her, and then asked for an email confirmation of this. She replied that it would be sent within 2 hours.

I THANKED her again and said that I would now like the charges to my account to be refunded. She said, "the charges are valid," and something about them not being refundable.

I POLITELY persisted, and asked to be transferred to someone who could give me a refund. She repeated the same statement: "the charges are valid," etc. and then said she would be right back. She came back and said that "as a courtesy only the $12.95 has now been refunded to your account."

I THANKED her, and then said, "now I would like the remaining charges refunded as well." Of course, she repeated the mantra and then more about not being refundable, only one month's charges....

I POLITELY said, "I would like to be transferred to the person who gave the approval the first time. She said she would try and ask and to please hold.

This time, the phone did not have music on hold but silence and a lot of clicking. I think that this was the company hoping that I would think that I was disconnected and hang up, because she spoke again after a minute or so (with no clicking, as if she were listening the whole time). I also think that the company has them listen for profanity and threatening language because these are cause for anyone to legally hang up. BE POLITE!

After about 2 minutes of silence, clicks, and knocking sounds, she came back and said that all the charges have been refunded but that I would have to hold for some kind of application process.

Finally, after 5 or 6 minutes of the same silence/clicking, she said that the application was approved and that I would be getting confirmation. I had a hard time understanding her accent, so I said, "Thank you. Please, also, I would like an email confirmation of this." She said that she'd already said that and repeated it back. (Good idea to ask again anyway with a difficult accent!)

I THANKED HER AND GENTLY TOLD HER TO HAVE A GOOD DAY. (I wanted to tell her that she needn't worry, that she wouldn't have that job forever, and that I hoped that she was paid well, because they make a lot of money --- but I didn't.)

I'll write another complaint, if I don't get what was promised.

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  • He
      22nd of May, 2007
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    I meant to write: I wanted to tell her that... she would NOT have that job forever. --HB

  • Br
      25th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    Someone should file a class action suite against them for doing this I dont think they have the right to do this

  • Al
      27th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    I've been trying to cancel my credit card for a couple of months now, but I kept getting bills for balances that I thought were paid off. Come to find out, CIC Triple Advantage have been billing me for services that I didn't ask for. So now I'm going to have to call during business hours and try to get this all straightened out so I can finally cancel the card.

  • Al
      27th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    I was trying to cancel my Capitol One card for 2 months now, but I just found out today that I've been charged $12 for something that I didn't even know about. So, in order for me to cancel my credit card, I have to get these recurring charges off my account and by the sounds of things, it doesn't seem easy.

  • Te
      11th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    This was a great article. I literally, just followed the steps prescribed and was able to get a refund. Thanks for the help!

  • Ch
      14th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    I am very angry with triple advantage and i think they should let people know, about the charge, in a better way then sticking it in some fine print. I thought i was getting a one time free credit report but was unsteady signed up for a membership i didn't even want to be a part of. I was also charged money for being a "member" even though i only went on it that one day and never even thought of the site again. I think what Triple advantage is doing should be considered fraud and they should be stopped.

  • Cj
      22nd of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    I just got off the phone with CIC Triple Advantage. The customer service rep was very friendly, agreed to cancel my membership (for which I never signed up), and agreed to credit my account the $12.95 charge. Now we'll see if that happens.

  • Mo
      23rd of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    I also used and started getting charged the 12.95 per month. I called my GM card and cancelled my card and spoke with Fraud Dept. The said I did not need to pay the 12.95 charges. I will be issued a new credit card.

  • Li
      30th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    Thank you so much for giving out the number! I have no idea how to cancel these guys. I called on a Saturday afternoon and got right through.

    Since I work in a call center myself I am always polite, thank you for stressing the importance of that!

  • Dh
      12th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    It did work and i did get a month charges returned to my account. now im going after the rest of my money, this company really does need to be shut down.

  • Ga
      11th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    i called cic three times in 1 hour trying to cancel my account and two reps said it could not be refunded so i told them i never signed up for this service she said it was from freecredit and i said ok well then why isnt it free ??? she asked me to hold and i never got to talk to them one rep even hung up on me i called my bank and theyre blocking cic from charging me

  • Eb
      1st of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    these people took two $1.00 payments. and i check my account today and it say's that they have taken $29.95 and i never , said that they can take that money from my account. i called and i was on hold waiting for some one to get the phone , there was no music or talking. I think that , that is very unprofessional to not have any music and to let people know that people will be right with them. And then for the web site to say that it is free , they just need a dollar, ( not two payments of a dollar, and another payment of $29.95) and the nfor you to call and try to speak to some one about getting your money back , and every body is busy .this company is a cheap that had to lie and steal from every one , to make money. i have to call again , and i better get my damn money!

  • Pe
      4th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    I called them to cancel my membership and also get a refund. The girl said she would cancel my membership but that I couldn't get a refund. I asked for a manager or someone higher up. She told me they were out and that they would tell me the same thing. I proceeded to call my credit card company, Capital One, to dispute the charges and the woman told me they get complaints daily regarding CIC. She told me they would dispute the charges and was very nice. I hope that it goes through as it seems that it is a common thing with them. We'll see.

  • Mi
      12th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    February, 12, 2008
    Tuesday afternoon...
    Yesterday I was made aware of a charge of $14.95that showed up on my checking statement from my credit union. I asked the gal there from who did it originate and she said CIC Triple Advantage... A "Free" credit report company. He is what transpired...

    I basically followed this person's advice and persistance and politeness got the job done. This was the first charge of $14.95 that I was aware of and after checking with my credit union, they confirmed that since my initial membership in the credit union in June of 2004 this was the first charge from this particular company concerning a "Free" credit report.

    I was able to barely make out the words from the woman and finally was able to get the membership cancelled (with e-mail confirmation and within 2 hours) and refunded the $14.95 (no e-mail confirmation according to their company practices) but it would arrive in 7-10 business days. Also, after I mentioned that I realized that she was just the messenger I asked her if she was aware of the huge amount of complaints against her company.

    After a little sigh and a brief moment of silence (like she was about to read her response off of a card) she confirmed that she knew of the complaints and that as a representative of the company could she possibly give me a word of advice. I said sure. "Sir, the reason we are authorized to cancel and refund memberships that are indeed valid, the reason is that according to our technical people, some people were not able to read all the information on our site."

    "Because of this we are obligated to not make an issue of the problems and refund charges and cancel memberships when asked to. I would also suggest sir and this is most important... that if you access a website such as ours in the future, to please read all the details thouroughly so surprises of this nature do not occur again." I agreed with her, told her to have a nice afternoon and she told me the same.

    She asked me if there was anything else she could help me with and I said no... Only after I hung up did i realize i should have asked her... "what about the people that don't call and complain? You feel alright still charging them? Anyway, I will wait for the outcome and relay the information here.... good or bad.

  • Ch
      18th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    So I basically had the exact same issue with these guys only they charged me $14.95

    I followed this person's advice and it worked!

    The first thing the guy I spoke to did though, was try to sign me up for a different type of account... like that would happen!

    They gave me the whole spiel about how it was a "valid" charge after the 30 day trial period and I kept saying I was under the assumption that after that 30 day trial period I would be given the option to subscribe to a full membership or the trial membership would cancel itself.

    Then he said they sent me an e-mail confirming all the membership details (which I never received) and I kept informing him that I am very particular with all my e-mails and I don't delete them (for cases like this) and I never received one. He kept repeating himself about sending the e-mail and I kept repeating myself about not receiving one.

    After a little back and forth banter, he put me on hold to "talk to his supervisor". He came back a short while later and said "as a courtesy, we will refund the money to your account".

    I was polite as can be and tried to sound firm but not mad and angry. They want to keep people in their good graces, and if they feel they have already lost your complete support then they won't give you a penny's worth of refund because they figure they lost your business and figure you'll complain to everyone. But if you are seemingly cooperative then they feel they have lost their $14.95 but they also figure you won't complain about them (which we are all doing anyway..)

  • An
      17th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    You are billing my credit card for charges that I did not agree to .It was to be a free report. It won't happen again. You should be reported to the better business bureau.

  • Ho
      29th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    This is a scam - nothing but a pure unmitigated scam. They charged my credit card without my authorization. I received nothing except the meaningless credit report - no notification, no reporting, no nothing. My wife pays the bills and she mistakenly thought it was something I wanted. Went on for 12+ months. I finally woke up. Called CIC. It's in the fine print. This kind of crap has got to be illegal.

  • Ju
      15th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Shame on CIC! I just realized this was a charge not authorized by myself or my husband! I assumed that the $12.95 a month charge on our account was something my husband set up... or approved. We just realized that for over 16 months we have been charged!!! Charged for what? Someone needs to set up a class action lawsuit or something, how can they get away with this??? Thank you to the person who posted a phone number for CIC. We are calling first thing tomorrow! They will be sorry they ever billed my account when I get done with them!!! I will keep you guys posted on what happened!!!

  • We
      31st of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I too see I have been charged the past two months from CIC. I did not authorize these charges and actually had to look on line to see what this company was and called the bank to close my card. I will call CIC and see where it goes from here. Total scam, no where did it say I was allowing them to "monitor my account" what? How do we go about filing a suit? Anyone know?

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