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CIBC / Unauthorized charges

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I have a very very low income. I wanted to set up a low fee account. He quickly showed me the pamphlet for accounts and told me that the $10 a month account would be right for me because it has unlimited transactions without additional fees. Another cheap account HE told me has a $3.00 fee for 10 transactions. another $3.00 for each transaction is charged after 10 transactions.

The information he told me was wrong I found out week later. The $3 does cover 10 transactions, but it's about .25 for each transaction after 10 transactions. I told him I don't use my account 10 times a month therefore I shouldn't need to pay $10 a month just use an account.

Another problem I had, I opened the account on Friday. On Monday I couldn't take any money out and there were no holds on any money. I was able to check the balance and do other things, but the money held from me. I called the telebank and went straight to my branch and had them take the security bar off. Even the workers at the bank were baffled as to why my money was barred from me.

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  • Wa
      21st of Jul, 2007
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    I just got charged 12.95 by this company CIC and I want them to stop taking money out my bank account. I am highly upset because I did not give anyone permission to take money out. I will be reporting them. I am going to my bank also and asking them not to let anyone take money out of my bank account especially this company.

  • Ga
      21st of Aug, 2007
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    I have always thought of myself as a reasonably intelligent adult... but this so called "fine print" that was evidently attached to my "free credit report" must have superseded my ability to understand & comprehend simple english. After some effort I was able to get this "service" canceled by following advice given through this website.

  • Sh
      2nd of Nov, 2007
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    CIC - Unauthorized charges!
    United States

    I have noticed for the last few months that there is a $12 and some odd cents charge on my checking account from a company that I had no idea what it was. I didn't think about it the first couple of times but now I am getting a little upset about it. That money adds up and I have no idea what it is going to. I googled it and came across this... is it for my FREE credit report? Because if it is, I would like to know who to talk to about being charged for a free service (that is our right to check our reports once a year from each provider).

    Beware people!

  • Qu
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    CIBC 'per Se' are the most rude multi swindling bank I have ever encountered.. I have been treated most unfairly, lied to, over charged on anything that there possibly is to over charge!! You name it they have tried to do me in!
    These are the bottom of the barrel and I presently have an Id theft on CIBC in which @ either the uncouth 'attitudinal bank manager stole the money herself' or (b) she obviously didn't care about the customer asking questions ( eg: why is my money disappearing so quickly ?) and this swine set me up to have me ripped off for minimal 30, 000.
    I have been working on this missing money since March and there is certainly a ton to do math wise and" alot I mean alot" of work for me to do that could have been avoided if she had listened to me and put an "alert " on the account back then but she didn't and I got ripped off severely !
    Thank god for the Police Fraud Dept! This will put them to the test resolving this! ( they will find the swine!)
    Pray for the best here.. I hope to retrieve every cent of the stolen money and was rather hoping interim that the bank manager be arrested and held in remand centre here in old crooked Alberta until they actually get the real crooks, she is not exempt.. They steal all the time!

  • Ju
      6th of Nov, 2015
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    I just got a taste of what this bank does. I put fifteen hundred dollars in the bank, I just closed my account, they gutted me, for a thousand dollars. I must say I will never choose CIBC in my future. They have literally robbed me.It is a crime what they are doing to people. They are corporate criminals who shouldn't be in business. I hope that you get your money back.

  • Ti
      13th of Feb, 2017
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    I have has problems with banks before but the problems I have had with the cibc bank are the worst.
    With technology these days I should never really need to have to enter the bank. However every single month I have to go in there and get a $5.00 overdrawn handling fee reversed to my account because in my opinion they aren't entitled to it. When I signed up for this account I was told that all I would pay is $14.95 per month for the banking fee's. Well my banking fee's are always late because of the way my paydays work. I don't make a lot of money so every cent helps. I just recently went into the bank to have this fee reversed again and was told that the computer will only allow them to do this so many times before they can't reverse it anymore. They are charging me fee's on top of fee's plus interest. How can that even be legal. No other bank charged such fee's for not having there fee's in the account. Holy ripped off. I had dealings with cibc bank years ago and switched because of the stupid next day tellers they have. Eve though your money is there if you go to a next day teller and then use your money you get charged $5.00 handing fee's because the computer doesn't see the money until the next business day. One tile I was charged $75 just in overdrawn handling fee's because of that.
    My second issue was I was at my local bank machine to pull on my last $100 for groceries. The money wasn't there so I sat in my car to check my account online to see what happened. Something went through my account in the amount of $53.89 went through my account which I knew nothing about and did not authorize. I call said company who reversed that charge and said it would take 7 to 10 business days to show back up in my account. I can't wait that long because I need groceries so I called the 800 number on the back of my card. The first guy I spoke with said don't worry we will help u. Next thing you know we get disconnected, I had to call back explain everything again and second guy said he would help and next thing you know I am talking to a supervisor and getting treated like I am nothing. Every word I said he just argued with me. I was so frustrated that I told him this bank was completely useless and I was going to switch banks then I hung up. Needless to say they did nothing and now I have to wait to buy food. I don't even know why they have this customer service line, they could save so much money if they just did away with it. They can't help anyways. All 3 people I spoke with were not fluent in English and I had a very tough time understanding them. I do not recommend this bank to anyone. They don't care about the customer. I have a job also in customer service and if I spoke to a customer the way I was spoken to, I wouldn't have a job. These people need a crash course in customer service. In the meantime I am not looking to change banks because the stress these people cause me isn't worth it.

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