CIBC Banknever open a/c with them.

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Here's my experience with CIBC Bank
I opened a bank A/C with CIBC bank in 2005, because they have one nearby my home.
They have a Everyday Chequing Account which require to put $1000 to waive the $3.90 service fees.

Here is the events that pissed me off

1. One day, I deposited a cheque and need to on hold for a period of time, but after 1 month, that cheque still on hold, so I went there and asked them to check it out for me. They charged me $5 for the investigation. I think it's the obligation of the bank to check out that transaction for me, how come they need to charge me?

2. I have a GIC with CIBC, but I found their interest rate is lower than other bank. So I went to CIBC and wanted to cancel the GIC and with drawl the money. They checked all my IDs, but they still suspected my identity. They keep asking me my personal question to prove my identity. Do you think it's very hassle.

3. One time, I deposited a US bank cheque with CIBC bank, they will take it, but when the cheque is cleared, they charged me about $35 for the fees. I asked another bank, they said they won't charge it. CIBC bank looks like a thief.

4. Finally, I decided to cancel all my A/C with CIBC bank, my chequing Account have $1000 it supposes no services charges on it, but they charged me the service charges of the last month.

Now my business relationship with CIBC is terminated. I will never have business with them forever.


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      Apr 30, 2010

    1. A bank would not charge you for looking into why a cheque is on hold for you. There must haven been a lot more to it than that. Probably a miscommunication between you and a service rep.

    2. Verifiying someones identity at a bank is common procedure at any bank. You should be happy they are checking your ID diligentley and not letting just anyone go in and redeem it.

    3. I do not understand why you were charged and would have brought this up to the branch manager.
    4. Its unfortuanate the bank needs to charge you the fee for the entire month, but thats just the way it works. I believe most companies would do that to you as well, phone, internet, cabel.

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