Church's Chickenstore # 10167

When visiting the location at 10910 Will Clayton Pkwy. The location was dirty there were no potatoes no chicken. When asked to speak to a Manager I was told there was no manager on duty. The workers would not provide any information or phone #'s for corporate when asked. They would also not respond why they had no potatoes available when asked they said all out. Which was not the case as I seen them making some after I complained and advised I would report the location. Before making this complaint I called today to speak to a manager again I was told there is not a manager on duty or an assistant manager. Also they are cutting the chicken incorrectly because when you purchase a breast as I did it is not even a whole breast it is wacked off so there is not any meat on the bone you purchase. If the store is this bad I dont understand why it is even open.

Feb 02, 2017

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