Church's Chickenmemphis tn on perkins-jennifer rogers i'm an employee

Hi my name is Jennifer Rogers and I Live in Memphis TN 38118 area east Memphis and I just started at church's on Perkins and Knight Arnold .this would b my second week I had this Monday n Tuesday off because the last day I worked was that Sunday because no other employees trained me the mangers only showed meh what's on the register so that Sunday I was messing up orders so the mangers on duites using profanity towards me while customer's was in there..See Top 10 Worst Companies in Memphis, TNI continued to do my job dat day went home and asked my moms sum questions so she told meh to call up there n get corporate number and I did and they gave meh the wrong number so I haven't been back to work because this is not my first restaurant job... I've worked at Checkers /Rallys for 8 +years.. KFC FOR 3+ YRS SO THAT IS NOT A PLACE OF BUSSINESS TO WORK AT ..employess have phones up front and dey suppose to have employees helping Otha employees if drive threw is on a timer it's very unorganized work a very fun worker I'd a can hold a job dat long but church's chicken in Memphis TN on Perkins needs to be changed wit his workers n mangers dats not gonna run off business... A whole different crew n mangers.. I want a tranfer to another one cus that's not right.

May 11, 2017

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