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After we moved to PA from NJ, we tried to get a title from Chrysler Financial so we can register our car in PA. The car had been repossessed at one point and payments were made late because my husband is unemployed. But we did make payments. We have been trying to get the title for over 6 months and customer service never has an answer. Nobody has been able to help us on who to contact. When we ask for the title dept. they do not know what to do or say because our payment is 3 days behind they can't help. Our account has been up to date and we have called at those times and they still can not help us. I do not understand why their title dept is some secret agency that does nothing. It is ridiculous we can't even drive the car because we'll be pulled over and fined for not having it registerd. NEVER NEVER work with Chrysler!!!


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      Dec 19, 2009

    Some information that might help:
    If your account is behind, calls might be simply routed to Collections.
    Until your car is paid off, the title will not be released to you (unless you live in a state that sends the title to you, with an "encumbrance", i.e. you owe money on it.) Your state must make the title request. The state from which you purchased your car issued the original title. It will be sent to your new state, destroyed, and a new title from your new state issued.
    If you are leasing your car, the title will not be sent to you. Notification can be sent to your new states motor vehicle department giving permission for you to register the vehicle. This is true for all companies.
    Good luck.

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