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Posted on 5-8-2010 chrysler financial hires low life collectors that have no education who are simple minded indiviuals and are making 10 bucks an hour — that have nothing better to do but call you everyday 10-12 times a day. They say the same old drag threatin to take the car etc... Come and get the car and quit calling me I dont have time for their harrassment.

To all of you out there experiencing the same # there are many dealerships who will finance u in house all you need is a little down and you can get a car and be done with these low life snakes. Or just dont answer their calls set ur phone to go to voicemail when they call... You tell them what your going to do and I will be a sob if they dont call u ten minutes later talkin the same #!!! They never read the notes on the acct if they even note the acct and remember they filed bankrupcy they have their nerve calling you and they cant even manage their own business dont let them sweat u... Switch cars with a friend hahahahahaha... We all need to get a petition together for execessive harassment and file a class action lawsuit against them. Dont let them scare you there collection practices are real weak... They are rude, have no class and when they call me I just hang up because they are stupid unless I feel like getting into an arguing match with them then I will argue just to piss them off... They have called me literally 1000 times no # over and over again... I told them to come and get the car now they tell me they dont want it after they threaten to repo kiss my # cf no time for games take ur car and shove it

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  • Da
      2nd of Nov, 2010

    You are so right! They are a bunch of dumb, uncaring, low life [censored]es! No doubt most of them are sending collectors to voicemail now because they're probably out of a friggin job! Besides, what makes you think they're going to notate a damn file when they don't know what you're saying? LOL! I told them the same thing, come get the damn car! They didn't, so stop calling. Send them to voicemail!

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