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Edison New Jersey, United States
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We have owned our home for a little over a year.
My washer went out in March. I contacted Choice Home Warranty. It took almost a week for a technician to come out. He checked it and said he needed to order parts. I waited and waited for the parts he finally came and replaced the recommended parts, he set it to program and left. I waited and at 9 pm it still wasn't working. I called him back and he said that he needed to order more parts. He was supposed to be here Tuesday. He didn't show, so I called and he said the parts haven't arrived yet. Today I received this email "We will no longer service Choice Home Warranty as there is a lack of just about everything so they will be sending another company...Good Luck."

Just my luck my air conditioner started acting up. We opted to use our own technician because of previous problems getting repairs. They did a temporary repair to the tune of $200+ dollars. We sent the invoice, they wanted more, we sent more, they wanted more. Today I received a call saying they "determined the problem was caused by failure to maintain our unit." WOW - we've had the technicians come out twice to check it out and clean it up. And when we've had problems we've gotten it fixed immediately. I talked to our technician today and he stated - that's not true we've got the maintenance records. Which of course no one ever asked for.

A desirable resolution for my complaint is to have my washer and air conditioner repaired or replaced, whatever needs to happen. My technician will be calling tomorrow to verify that this unit as been maintained as required.

May 3, 2017

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