Choice Home Warrantyunethical service provider (technician) assigned - took $85 advance and did not return to do the job!

Cheated out of $85 and the technician failed to show up for the job!!

Three days after placing a service request - a technician did show up around 6:00pm on Sunday 18 November introduced himself as being from A&J Mechanical. After reviewing the items we had issues with he declared that the fixes required replacement of the cartridge in the shower/tub and also replacement of the faucet assembly. But that neither of replacement parts were covered by the Choice Home Warranty.

He then estimated that the replacement parts cost and his time will be a total of $150.

I mentioned that the Choice Home Warranty service charge was supposed to be $45 -- he responded that it was included.

He then asked for an advance of $85 for the purchase of the parts -- I wrote him a check and he sent me a receipt by email acknowledging the receipt of the $85 and expecting a balance of $65 with he finishes the job.

He said he was going to return the following day (Monday, 20 Nov.) at 2:00pm in the afternoon.

Well, he did not show up on Monday at 2:00pm. I called him at 3:00pm on the provided A&J Mechanical number: [protected]. He did not answer but sent a text message stating that he was on a call and will call back in 5mins.

When he did not call back -- I called him on the other number from which he had called on Sunday to confirm his evening visit: [protected] . He answered the call and when I asked him why he had not shown up for his appointment - he stated that he got stuck on some other heating system job and could not make it to our house that day.

He then assured me that he was going to come the following day (Tuesday, 20 Nov) at 2:00pm.

Well he did not show up on Tuesday either. I called him multiple times on both the above phone numbers and left messages -- I also texted him to let me know what was up. He did not respond to any of the calls or text messages.

So, now the situation is that he as cashed my check for $85 and has not shown up to fix the issues.

Frankly I do not believe that he is even qualified to do a plumbing job -- I think that the "A&J Mechanical" is a fictitious name - no such company exists.

Choice Home Warranty has sent me a con man, a fraud and cheat.

I am extremely upset and disappointed.

I am going to now file complaints with Better Business Bureau, the police and also our state trade and commerce department.

This cheat stated his name as Jose Faliciano and also cashed the check signing this name.

Nov 21, 2018

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