Choice Home Warrantyrunning toilet

October 2015 called about a running toilet in my upstairs bathroom the plumber came out to fix the running toilet by replacing what he called the inside guts of the toilet. The next couple of day my ceiling was leaking in the bathroom below the upstairs bathroom. After several weeks of going back & forth with Choice they finally decided on who was going to come out to check my new issue. When the new plumbing company came out they found several mistakes from the previous plumber that cause the leak. Now he have to order new parts to complete the work. Since both bathrooms are not used frequently the issue went without attention for approx. 3 weeks. I called the plumber and he explained he was backed up because of all the floods going on in the surrounding counties. The plumber finally made it to me approx. one month from his first visit and states he fixed the upstairs toilet. Well I used the toilet for the first time approx. two weeks after he fixed it and nearly fell over because the toilet was not mounted down. I called the plumber to tell him what happen and he stated he must have forgotten to mount the toilet and he need to order a bracket to mount toilet down but when I used the toilet the ceiling began leaking again in the bathroom below. After calling Choice many, many, many times my case was to be escalate to Manager/Supervisor.
On 2/8/2016 I spoke with Oscar at the call center and asked for a manager and he stated no managers were there and they supervise themselves on the weekend, however he was going to request a manager to call me. Currently no one have called, the plumber came on 3/10/2016 to mount toilet but my issue is I have water damage from the negligence of Choice and no one will return my call.
Now I have to secure an attorney to file a suite. This is so horrific and it just makes me sick to my stomach and I wish this on no one.

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