Choice Home Warrantynever got paid.

I began my contact with them 2/7/14 which will be ending soon. The first time I called them was a issue with my washing machine. They couldnt find anyone to contact out and told me to find someone and they would pay me I had to pay the service man 45. which was in my contact. Had to wait a long time for monies back. I blew that off thinking ok that is the way they do it. Then Middle of December 2014 I had plumbing problems. I called them they had no one to come to home to service again asking me to call my plumber.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Edison, NJ I called they came out and fixed it and I gave them a check paying the whole thing. When I sent the bill in they said that is too much money we cant give you the full amount because that is NOT what OUR plumber would of charged! I told them they could not find a plumber and told me to get one. They said we are sorry we could only give you 1/2 of what you paid!!! I then got in the mail a renewal from them asking me to renew. NO WAY NO HOW never again! As of today Jan 5th I have not got that check back from them. This company has ripped me off ..bad company to do business with.

Jan 05, 2015

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