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I have Choice home warranty my furance was not running right called choice to open claim they sent repair man. Paid him 60.00 and he was not able to do anything
Called back to choice and they sent another repair service Lenway heating
Mr Lenway also charged me 60.00 which i should not have had to pay but i was told by the person from choice i had to pay again that is against their policy.
Mr Lenway temporarily fixed a crack in my induser motor which was leaking carbon monoxide into my home. Mr Lenway stated my furance needs replaced do to normal where and tear due to fact you can not fix or replace to motor.
He gave me written receipt and copy of the letter he submitted to Choice.
Few days later caught a call from choice stating that the claim will not be honored due to report from Mr Lenway that there was rust. Which was not true. I told them i have a copy of Mr Lenway submitted report and there is nothing about rust only stated the induser motor had a crack i it.
Then choice stated to take pictures of furnace ans submit them. Which i did there was no rust just area where Mr Lenway placed sealant over the crack so carbon monoxide would not leak into my house.
few days later choice called back and said they needed clarification from Mr Lenway because he heat injectors also, i had to Mr Lenway and have him redo his submitted report to the fact the induser motor was cracked and rust had nothing to do with it.
So that was resubmitted to choice then i caught another phone call from claims agent and said the pictures where not clear and had red paint on the motor i explained it was not red paint is was sealant over the crack. to stop carbon monoxide from leaking. Agent told me to scrath it off and take more pictures of crack, I told them i cant do that or my family could die from carbon monoxide. the agent then said they could not honor the claim.
I have been threw a lot with company they are not following the contract and will not honor MR. Lenway report they keep asking me do things and they keep refusing to replace my furnance as pre Mr. Lenways report.

Choice Home Warranty
Choice Home Warranty

Mar 10, 2017

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