[Resolved] Choice Home Warranty / lack of response

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I purchased this warranty when I bought my house 2-2014. I have called for 2 furnace repairs since moving 3-2014. The first time it took them 3 days to find someone to come out, but it wasn't that cold, so I didn't panic. The most recent time was 12-28-2014 and the weather was much worse. I called on the 28th and filed a claim and it is now 1-4-2015 and they have not found a provider yet. I was without ANY heat until yesterday when a friend was able to make the repair. Choice has not called, e mailed or responded in any way. It was 50 degrees in my house and their lack of response is beyond appalling. I have contacted the BBB and found out that this company has a "F" rating with them. When I was calling around for repairs I also found out that many providers won't work with Choice because of their bad reviews. Be aware, any advice will be appreciated! I am out lots of money...

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    I heard nothing back from CHW from 12-30-2014 until this morning. I received an e mail ( [email protected]) asking for a call to the claims dept supervisor, # 800-233-0172. I spoke to Keisha there and she transferred me to cancellation dept as she couldn't tell me why no one responded and I had been without heat for 8 days. I spoke to Mr Avi Gold, who canceled my policy, but I only got half of what I had paid. He tried to talk me into staying with them, but for obvious reasons, that was not appealing to me. I would never recommend this company to anyone! I bought a warranty so things like this would NOT happen...

Jan 4, 2015

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