Choice Home Warranty / home warranty service - air conditioning repair claim

On June 7, 2018, we noticed that our home was extremely hot inside with a temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. We noticed the air conditioner unit failed. I submitted a claim with the "Choice Home Warranty" (CHW) around 1 PM to get the unit fixed.

CHW did not respond to my claim till evening 6 PM. Later, they sent an email that an appointment was fixed with a contractor for June 13 (6 days later) and gave us an option of finding another contractor by myself and will reimburse me for the work within 30 days.

As 6 days of the wait on hot summer with temperatures in 100 degrees, Fahrenheit will be a torture, I searched through the internet for a local contractor and fixed an appointment with them. I gave the contractor with the instructions from CHW to call them at [protected], explain the diagnosis results, get the pre-authorization and start the work. They came home, started the diagnosis and called the CHW around 8 PM to explain the results of their diagnosis. CHW phone number responded that the office is closed. Local contractor told me that their office is closed and will come back the next day (Today - June 8, 2018).

Local contractor returned back (June 8, 2018) as promised. The first thing they did was calling the CHW to explain the diagnosis results. They explained the details to CHW, sent the photos of the damaged item on the AC unit, told their work cost. The conversation between them went for a long time and finally CHW told the local contractor that the work was not authorized and the claim was declined.

In the meantime, I asked the technician to go ahead and fix the AC as we cannot wait for another 6 days to get the contractor of the choice from CHW. With my family and pet at home living for 6 more days at hot temperature will be a torture and may lead to more health complications.

CHW sent an email to me that they declined the claim because the work was started without the authorization from them. Cost of repair was $2099. I paid fully to local contractor out of my pocket.

Jun 08, 2018

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