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This company is a terrible company with a lot of small print to get them out of paying claims for almost every situation your home could have. I work as a Fireman full time and my part time business is construction. I have well over 30 years experience in construction and home repair. The last thing I want to do when I get home is work on my own stuff so I decided to look into home warranties. Knowing that my home is almost 20 years old and the AC units and some of the appliances are original to the house I thought it would be money well spent to insure these items. WRONG!!! I chose to go with Choice Home Warranty because they said no pre inspection and they cover items wearing out as well as offered Septic pumping for an extra fee. Last year I signed up with them on 12/22/2015 for monthly installments of $51.25/month. This is where the night mare started.

First Claim 3/12/2016 Toilet base broke

My first claim was In March 2016. We had a family event planned for March at our home where my wife’s and my family were invited. The toilet in our main bathroom serving the living room and kitchen area of the home started rocking and was not secured tightly to the floor. I chose to have it fixed before the arrival of our company. I called Choice Home Warranty and made the claim. They sent out a company called Mr. Smith’s Home Repair. Mr. Smith himself showed up to make the repair. First off he said he would have it fixed in 15 min. Since I took off work to have the repair done I kind of needed to know an approx time I could go back to work. A few min into the job Mr. Smith asked if I had a drill bit he could borrow. I assisted Mr. Smith and gave him some bits. After approx 2 hours of messing with the toilet Mr. Smith came out and said he could not fix it but would have one of his guys that is better at these type repairs come the next day to fix it. I paid my 60 dollars and he left. I went into the bathroom and looked after he was gone and the toilet was lying on its side in the middle of the floor and the pipe was open where the sewer gas was now coming into my house. The next day no one from Mr. Smith’s Home repair called to schedule a time to make the repair. I called Mr. Smith and left several voice messages over the course of several days with no returned phone calls. I then began to call Choice Home Warranty who said they would get in touch with him. So by now my event is the next day. I had the party and was so embarrassed that my main bathroom toilet was lying on its side and had to have all my guests use the other two bathrooms in the bedrooms. Finally one of Mr. Smith’s helpers called and said he was going to come out to make the repair. My wife took off work this time to meet the repair man. Around the scheduled time she called me at work and asked me to come home, the repairman got there and she did not feel safe. I came home to find a guy with dreadlocks that looked like he just got out of prison working on the toilet. After meeting the guy he was very nice and seemed knowledgeable of the problem. He apologized for Mr. Smith. He began to make the repairs. He instructed me that the wax ring under the toilet was an excluded item. REALLY WTF? How can you install toilets or repair them without a wax ring. I went to home depot to get one so he could get the thing fixed. Well the good news is the toilet does not rock any more. The bad news is every time the wind is out of the north we smell sewer gas in that bathroom and most of the tile around the toilet is chipped broke and coming up. The smell is coming from the base of the toilet verified by a gas detector I brought home from the fire station to find the smell.

Next claim. 3/12/2016 Septic pumping.

My aerobic maintenance company advised me that my septic tanks were full and needed to be pumped out. I made this claim on the same day as the toilet claim. Choice Home Warranty was unable to find a company to take the job but they said they would continue looking. Several weeks later I again called Choice to find out why no one had been contacted to pump my tanks. They called me back shortly and said they found a company that would take the claim. A lady from the company called me the next day and advised me it would be 2 weeks before they could work me in. She advised me to have the gate open and dogs put up and to leave a check in the amount of 60.00 for the technicians. I did as instructed on the appointment day. They showed up on time did the work and left. The next day I received a call from the same lady stating that Choice was not paying them what they charge for the pumping and I would need to pay the rest. A difference of 140.00 more. She said that when they received the contract from Choice they did not realize that they would be paid so little.(Fine Print) I respectively told her that that sounded like a problem between her company and Choice. I was never advised of the up charge prior to the doing the work nor did I authorize any other payment than the 60.00 co pay which I had already paid. I still continue to get bills in the mail for the difference.

Next Claim Plumbing leak

On 6/13/2016 I walked out into my garage to find water on the floor. I bent over to move the door mat to find the mat was soaking wet with hot water. I tracked down the leak to find it was in the wall and it was in fact hot water. I turned off the hot water the leak stopped. I and again called Choice. They said they were dispatching Mr. Smith Home Repair to my home. I immediately said OH HELL NO YOUR NOT!!! Been there done that. Needless to say a week later I still had the leak. They said they were unable to find a plumber in my area that would take the claim. Maybe it’s because Choice pays their contractors so little. Frustrated, I tore the wall out to find the leak was at floor level right at the concrete. I called Choice again. This time they said the repair was not covered. My policy did not cover slab leaks that if I read the policy slab leaks are excluded. I told them that it was not a slab leak it was at the slab not under the slab. Again claim was denied. I fixed it myself with an 80 cent copper coupling then repaired the wall. (fine print, wall repair is not covered even if it’s a necessary to make the repair.)

Next Claim 8/6/2016 Air Conditioner not cooling

I made the claim on Saturday when my almost 20 year old AC stopped blowing cold air. To my surprise I receive a phone call from Bock Heating and Air on Sunday morning stating they were on their way. The technician showed up as scheduled. Quickly found the problem. Locked up compressor. He stated that since my unit was a 1997 model and used R-12 refrigerant a new compressor was not available since lawmakers made R-12 illegal. He stated that I would have to have my unit replaced with a newer unit that uses R-410A. He said he would contact Choice to have the claim reviewed. Well I received a phone call today 8/8/2016 to tell me that my claim was denied. They said it was for lack of maintenance. They stated that the compressor locked up due to overheating. It’s been 104 here every day for the last week. Hell Yea its hot. This is total BS!!! Lack of maintenance. I have both units on my house serviced ever spring and fall. Filters changed regular a minimum of every 30 days, condenser washed every time I mow my grass. I was told by a very rude woman that sorry they made their decision there is no dispute process. I asked for the cancellation dept. After about a 15 min hold another very rude woman came on the line. I spoke my piece told her it was BS. The unit was nearly 20 years old had always been properly maintained which I have records of. I explained to her that The US Dept. Of Energy states that the life span of a Central Air unit is 16.9 years. During the 15 min on hold waiting to speak to this rude person the voice on the recording kept saying that Choice Home Warranty will be there for you when things wear out because things do wear out. I was told by the rude lady that she would send me a cancellation form. Sign it send it back then she will send me 250.00. Guess that’s to try to buy my silence or in some way make me feel better since they stiffed me on replacing my AC unit like I under stood they would. So it appears when they are looking at a $4000.00 dollar plus claim they just deny the claim for some made up BS reason and let you out of your contract with no early cancellation fee and give you $250.00 as a token of their appreciation.

Aug 08, 2016

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