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Worst Company Ever!!

I filed a claim last year and I feel that I have not been treated fairly. My air conditioner quit working during the hottest part of the summer and I called your company to get it fixed. They could not find or had anyone in my area, so they told me to call a local technician and have them contact your company to notify them with the problem and an estimate. I contacted a local air conditioner company and they sent a service technician to my house and diagnosed the problem. The owned then attempted to contact your company to give them the problem and estimate for repair. He attempted several times and spent hours on hold and trying to talk to someone, but he could not waste anymore of his valuable time waiting to get a hold of someone. I needed my A/C fixed because I have four kids and my fiancée here and my youngest has hyperthyroidism which requires the body to be in a cool environment.

I then told him that we needed our air conditioning fixed and to proceed with the repairs and I would contact the company and do the waiting on hold and speak to your company. They ordered the new compressor and installed it at a cost of $1484.00 (see enclosed). I initially talked to a female supervisor that said that they could not cover the cost due to the fact that this issue was (MY FAULT-not her words, but it was HIGHLY implied), but she said this could not have happened if I had routine maintenance. I informed her that I just bought the property in December of 2015 and it was inspected when I purchased the home and twice since then, but I did not know where the proof/receipts proving that I had routine maintenance done. She offered me $300.00 if I was not able to find those receipts, which I thought was a nice gesture. She told me that if I could find those receipts showing routine maintenance it would be a completely different story. I told her that I would attempt to find them, but I had been moving in and moving things around and I had no idea where the receipts were.

A week later I found the receipts and I called her back and she changed her story. I sent her the receipts showing that I had routine maintenance done on December 20th and April 28th (see enclosed). She then backed away saying that they would only offer the $300.00 and they had talked to your technicians and they said that there was no way that this could have happened if I had routine maintenance. I showed her the proof and she would not offer to pay for my expenses, only the $300.00. I repeatedly asked if there was someone above her to speak with and she put on a male supervisor. I spoke with him and he was even more of a difficult person to talk with. He told me that he was the last person that I could speak to and there was not anyone above him. I have worked for major nationwide companies and I currently work in federal law enforcement and there is always someone higher to speak to.
He told me that the only way was to write your board and try that route. I have never experienced more horrific customer service in my 48 years. I had service America in Southern Florida and they never treated me like that. If there was a problem they fixed it and never said or implied that it was my fault and took care of me like I was a valued customer. I have spoken to my technician and a someone I knew from the police academy, who owned an A/C company before going into law enforcement, and they both stated that this is an issue that could not have been prevented. I asked for the names of your supervisors and they refused to give them to me. I would appreciate any assistance you could give in this matter. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

I am an Army Infantry veteran and I signed up for your three year deal. I am not a fly by night customer and I will be a customer for life if treated right.

After this, they did not pay anything saying that my receipts for my routine maintenance were not valid! Again calling me a liar!!

Mar 30, 2017

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