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Choice Home Warranty makes wonderful promises in their sales pitch and doesn't live up to them in any way, shape or fashion. They are a scam!! When you call you are put on hold for an interminable amount of time (they're hoping you will give up), then half of the time they don't have a service representative in the area so you have to find your own, pay him, and supposedly they will send you a refund. Good luck on that. I am still waiting on a refund after several calls and weeks. They keep telling me check is in the mail. The straw that broke the camel's back is my refrigerator freezer went out and once again I had to find my own repairman and after several weeks of discovery work and talks with GE, they ascertained the frig was not repairable. Not only did the company refuse to pay the initial service call, they want no part of replacing a refrigerator. They always find a loophole. You do not want to do business with this company. I am a Realtor and have done business with other home warranty companies with great success so am shocked at the lack of integrity in this company.

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  • Jj
      6th of Mar, 2009

    Simply put, this company will not honor your contract. The company looks for reasons to deny your claim, and will not honor your contract even if the contractor says that the failure was due to normal wear and tear (which is specifically covered under the contract).

    One of my claims was denied, not because the part wasn't covered, but because "something didn't seem right in the diagnosis."

    Another claim was denied because the "part wasn't covered", eventhough they told both me and repair technician that is was covered, prior to him doing the work.

    Another claim was denied because the "part wasn't covered", eventhough I purchased supplemental optional coverage the specifically provided coverage for the part.

    Another claim was denied because there were some slight mineral deposits on the fixture. It did not matter that the technician told the representative that it was not the cause of failure and that is was not present at the part that failed. When I spoke with the representative, Ron, he accused the technician of lying when he said that the part failed from normal wear and tear. (He made this statement about a company that Choice recommended).

    To make matter worse, this company could not find a contractor to work for them, so I had to pay out of pocket for all of these expenses, with promises of reimbursement from them.


    Please head my warning!!! I am consulting with an attorney to determine recourse. I have a recorded conversation with Ron from this last round where he asserted that the contractor was lying.

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  • Jj
      10th of Mar, 2009

    I have created a user group Choice Home Warranty Claims, please come and join if you have experienced difficulties with this company. I am also looking for co-plaintiffs in a lawsuit.

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  • Ro
      1st of Jul, 2009

    Choice Home Warranty is a total SCAM as they have a loophole in their contract for every appliance that you own. They will not honor any repair to any appliance.

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  • Jj
      7th of Jul, 2009

    Folks - Listen clearly to this...The NY Attorney General's office has closed my complaint as "unresolved" because the company responded to my charges with some ridiculous excuses. The Attorney General's office will not pursue this any further unless the company gets a LOT more complaints. The case worker did not give me a magic #, but according to him, there are ONLY 7 other complaints on file with their office.

    EVERYONE - YOU MUST FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE. Please download the form from their website, and fax it in ASAP!

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  • Mw
      31st of Jul, 2009

    We signed up for service in 2/09 put in a claim for washing machine in 4/09. Got the run around finally fixed it on our own for 240.75. Company dishonest, they just want your money, customer service lacks, to sum it up it's a scam.

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  • Po
      25th of Aug, 2009

    Choice Home warrenty has very poor customer service my expierence was a nightmare I was called a lier by a supervisor by the name of james reed he raised his voice several times at me during a conversation we had about my airconditioner not being coverd under warrenty I told him how i felt about his poor customer service and i told him i felt like he was arguing with me as a customer i am very dissatisfied with choice home warrenty they will not honor your claim please read the fine print on the contract because they wont tell you about it till you have a problem and please be advised they will not give you a refund but they will charge you for a months service without service

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  • Th
      8th of Sep, 2009

    DON"T USE THIS COMPANY !!! We are in the sunny state of Florida Hot!!! My wife and I had to get out of our house due to our ac broke. We got the run around, around and around with this company. They would not give us a answer. We explained that we are in Florida it's about 115 in our house. I told them this was a safety issue with the heat. They laugh . They stated that they have been busy and backed up. This was their reason for not responding 3 days. After 3 days they denied it. The first excuse was maintenance, Hold on second, they never asked me if I had any paperwork . Then they switched try to say our 20 year house it had rust on the ac unit. I asked several times if I could get a corporate phone number, they refused to give it to me ! They literaaly asked my wife to apologize to them for getting so upset on the phone for the denial. They { CHOICE HOME WARRANTY} talked to me like I was no one. This is ashame that a big company, and is allow to do this in the great land of AMERICA. I urge everyone to contact all local news, dateline etc. This is serious things happening to honest hard working people. The kicker is after I hire my own ac guy they stated this was normal wear and tear. Please think hard before you go with this company.

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  • Le
      12th of Sep, 2010

    I filed for a claim on my washer on June 10, 2010. I was assigned a contractor who told me the washer needed a transmission part. He received approval, but then Choice replaced him. When I called the contractor he told me that CHW does not pay his bills. After that I was assigned many different contractors and when I waited for them to come, they never did. I complained bitterly because I have taken so much time off work and my washer has not been repaired. The company offered me a pay off five weeks ago on a rush of 15 days. Today is September 11, and the $260 check has not been received. When I called their offices September 9 and 10 the answering machine said they were closed for an computer outage. I am a director in IT at a large organization and you do not shut down a business where your commitment is to provide service 24 x 7; especially on weekdays. This is a very upsetting situation. Mr. Moss, I would be glad for you to check my claim and pay my bill. Look up Lesley King.

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  • Le
      12th of Sep, 2010

    I agree with this post.

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  • Ri
      8th of Aug, 2011

    i have an appliance store, choice called me to do service work i did 19 calls bought all the parts, and they rufused to pay me.this co. should be out of buss.and will be soon.

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  • Sa
      6th of Apr, 2012

    I am in Texas as well and this company will not honor their contract. Have sent NUMEROUS Certified Letters to no avail...PLEASE contact me...

    Please contact me if you have a problem with Choice Home Warranty. I will give you all my case numbers of open cases with the FCC, Texas Attorney General and NJ Attorney General. I have also been in contact with a couple of attorneys interested in a class action against this company because of NUMEROUS complaints logged against Choice Home Warranty.
    [protected], we can shut this company down!!!

    So, I have been given this number for you to call and there will be a person to answer the phone: 973-504-6200 . Tell them you want to file a complaint against Choice Home Warranty.

    Richard Zitelli, Investigator
    E-Commerce Investigative Unit
    Office of Consumer Protection
    Division of Consumer Affairs
    Office Of The Attorney General of the State of New Jersey
    124 Halsey Street
    P. O. Box # 45025
    Newark, New Jersey 07101
    Tel# 973-504-6213
    FAX# 973-648-4595
    e-mail: [protected]

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  • Ch
      9th of Apr, 2012

    To Whom It May Concern:

    The details of these situations are not representative of the normal Choice Home Warranty customer experience and we sincerely regret our customers’ frustration and discomfort.

    We are committed to providing a positive customer experience and doing the right thing for all our customers, contractors and employees. We take customer feedback very seriously.

    At Choice Home Warranty, our focus is on quality... providing quality home-warranty products to our customers, following up with quality customer service when our homeowners contact us, building quality business relationships with our contractors, and ensuring quality work from our contracted technicians. We do not and have not ever encouraged contractors to deny customer claims.

    In addition to evaluating customer feedback, we continually evaluate our contractors’ performance, responsiveness, cost, and other factors to ensure these partnerships are fair and beneficial to all parties involved: our customers, our contractors, and our company.

    Choice Home Warranty is always in full compliance with its terms & conditions.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact help [at] (please reformat the e-mail address properly. We guarantee a response within 5 business days. We are here to help you!

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  • Sg
      17th of Aug, 2012

    I have 2 contracts with this company -- for 2 spearate properties. On both only 1 incident each. In one case - they did not respond at all and I had to get it serviced privately. In second case - they are dancing around instead of fixing the issue. ... very bad experience.

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  • Mi
      2nd of Aug, 2017

    I am so sick and tired of dealing with Choice and cannot wait to resolve the two issues I currently have - so I can drop this company for good. I read the comments above, in one they say 'Choice has a loophole for every item in your house'. This is so true. The issue with my a/c was originally misdiagnosed by their contractor and I had to call (and pay for) my own. The company I called said it was a blower motor - THAT SHOULD BE COVERED!! But after talking to my contractor, Choice FALSELY documented my contractors comments as saying the bad blower motor was due to a clogged condenser (my gut NEVER said that). Choice then used those lies as the basis of denying my claim. Through hours and hours of holding and numerous (7 so far) representatives - I am still fighting with Choice to do what they are supposed to do right from the start. HOW IS THIS COMPANY STILL IN BUSINESS?? This is a nightmare. Their 'hold loop' is haunting me (I am on hold with them now ... it's been 30 minutes). This whole experience has put knots in my stomach. Choice is HORRIBLE.

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