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Harvey, LA, United States


On May 12, 2017, I submitted a claim for my A/C. I explained there was no cool air blowing from my ducts. I received the claim number [protected]. As a lasting and hopefully long time future customer, I would like consideration into my non-repairable A/C leak issue that has been explained that a new unit or system is needed. Choice Home Warrant senior claim specialist Bree stated they cannot move forward with my claim due to the notations on my claim. The notations discovered there was a leak in my A/C coil, due to corrosion and rust and the policy does not cover rust or corrosion. Bree stated that Choice Warranty cannot move forward with my claim.

On May 15, at approximately 9 a.m., Oliver's A/C & Heating [protected]) came by my residents and conducted tests on the A/C unit to find there was an A/C leakage that he explained is unrepairable. The technician from Oliver's A/C stated further that my A/C is an outdated unit (R22) and it would cost around $2900 to replace with a 407C for the outside unit. In addition, the technician stated since my system is very old, the entire system should be replaced with a mentioned model 410A, which would cost around $6, 000.

On May 15, at approximately 9:3 am, I called in to Choice Home Warranty to find that a leak test protection is not covered under warranty. The cost of a leak test is $70 Dollars. The agent at Choice stated that the technician should gather information such as make/model, serial number and pictures of the A/C unit for the claim for more results.

Speaking with the claims specialist, was a cold and calloused straightforward conversation that I would have not expected from news such as this. This is normal wear and I do not understand why this isn't covered. Coils sweat due to constant transfer of heat and normal wear and tear and is also apart of corrosion by rain etc. There has got to be a way to settle my claim without me coming 100% out of pocket being a loyal on time paying customer. Thank you.


Robert E. Holliday

Choice Home Warranty
Choice Home Warranty

May 15, 2017

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