Chipotle Mexican Grillveggie salad

S Nov 23, 2017

I have been a loyal customer to Chipotle for many years but recent experiences have made me reconsider where I am going to eat when I am out. The past three times I have gone to Chipotle I have been disappointed.

On Nov. 13 at 5pm, I stopped into Chipotle to get dinner before class. When I was next in line I heard an employee behind the counter tell another employee, "start giving them smaller portions because we keep having to refill." So, when my turn came to order my veggie bowl, the employee gave me barely any lettuce, brown rice, or black beans. My friend told me that I should have just told him to give me more but it was too uncomfortable because he would have been scolded by his coworker again. When I went outside to eat with my friends, they laughed at how little food was in my salad bowl and I didn't even get full. Needless to say, that little bit of lettuce did not hold me over for the night and I had to make dinner again when I got home.

This was an upsetting experience for me and I hope that it can be rectified somehow.

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