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I go to chipotle on regular basis usually few times a week. Noticed over time their customer service got poorer, tables and floors are not properly maintained many times tables are still dirty from previous customers. If not everyday, every week workers change/quit in locations that i go to. This seems to be one of reasons that employees are not trained properly. My last visit was today 7/26/208 10:13:40 am ( ET) . order number 193, 1405 S powerline Rd, pompano beach Florida.
When ordering in person, specially in lunch time servers are nervous and in rush to keep up with cutomers, adding or omitting toppings that goes into my order.. I had to repeat many times but still end up not getting what i really want to order. today person adds beans to my plate without i am asking. and added guacamole to my plate while i am asking to be on side. when i repeated to remind what goes inside of my orderwell to avoid more errors, person at counter got visiably annoyed and push my order on side ignoring me and going to next order. i just had to take my order however she prepared it . i think with chipotle simple setup its hard to miss making errors as everything is there in front on display just little training or with some attention lots of times these errors can be avoided. As i go there regularly i witness some other on going issues aswell . since its not directly related to me, probably its not up to me to point them out . to mention one ... inconsistency in amounts of steak or other ingredients being served . sometime about two spoons of steak or beans served but other times less than half of amount of previous times.

Jul 26, 2018
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  • Ki
      Aug 04, 2018

    The location on Old York Road in Abington, PA has had a major decline in customer service. Additionally, the area that food is served is now almost always sloppy. The food being prepped and pushed down the line on the counter now will often times be dragged through sour cream, lettuce cheese and guacamole.
    Yesterday evening, I requested hard shell tacos with shredded beef as the meat choice but a slab of meat was what was put in the taco. When I asked for the slab of meat to be removed, the person serving simply took his gloved hand and shredded the beef that was in the taco and moved the tray down the line. The rest of the taco was so sloppily put together even the stranger beside me had to comment.
    My kids’ meals had so much junk on the covers of their containers they didn’t want to touch them.
    I did not want to cause a scene and the place was crowded so I took the food and left with the hope that filing a complaint will improve things at this location.

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