[Resolved] Chipotle Mexican Grillmanager

W Nov 28, 2017

I'm an employee at Chipotle Grill (Chelsea West 1277) 149 8th Ave New York, Ny 10001

My manager is being Very unprofessional his name is Jerry Leon. I have been complaining about crew members speaking in Spanish while I'm on the floor & thats is against the law I am an African American... He has been giving me 12-24 hours a week but the Hispanics get 30 / 37 hours a week which I feel is very unfair, I just tired to call his phone & I asked him about my hours & he hung the phone up on me, I tired to call back I did not get a response, An Hispanic girl was hired last week & she has 30 hours while I'm still at 20 hours... He very unprofessional, he is always late to work, he will schedule himself & not come in this is the worst company I have ever worked for in my life

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