Chipotle Mexican Grillcassidy white

N Nov 18, 2017

I went to your Cherry Grove restaurant which credited me a bowl for again ruining my order and experience. I have have been served food on the edge of edibility more times than I can count. I try to steer clear of that store in particular but do to my job and my busy schedule, unfortunately sometimes I have no other choice. I'm trying to be more healthy which is why if I eat out I will eat at chipotle. I called up to the Cherry Grove to ensure my credit was still in your system to claim it because it has been a couple of weeks . I spoke with Cassidy White who not only made me question if she had even looked my name up she didnt ask how it was spelled or anything and my last name is Beysiegel. Then refused to credit me my food or apologize for the inconvenience of somoene either forgetting to right my name down. When I called, whoever I spoke with even apologized because it took so long for me to be able to give them my name and told me it was because of how busy they were at the time. Now, I have been loyal to your restaurant for a decade never even trying your competition even during that e coli scare. When someone has scewed up on your end under the children you put into management Those children then, insult me questioning my competence in tone alone by telling me I should hold on to a reciept for two weeks after my name was supposedly taken down. Cassidy White will be the reason I will never got to that store again. That store has screwed up and made it right in the past. Cassidy is so sure that there is no way that anyone at her store could have made a simple mistake because of the tight ship she runs that your company's veterans are being driven away. I am not the only one. Aside from filling this form out there is no one else to report her arrogance and subtle rudeness to and I do not appreciate that as well. Please redeem me my food that is owed and get you company and individual stores on track before you destroy one of the most inspiring mission and goals set out by any restaurant chains.

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