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November 27, 2017 at 1:22 PM Order #216

I actually entered the store at about 1:05 PM. There were about 6 people in front of me. I waited for what seemed longer than usual, but still didn't mind as I have been out of the area and not been able to get my dose of Chipotle in a while. I order the bowl then find out there's no steak. No worries I'm told, it just needs to be cut. Yet there is no one working on that. No one at the grill or cut station. I'm asked to finish my toppings and she'll just add the steak. OK! Now I'm standing at the register, I let another guest go by me that has her completed order. I'm watching the "manager" taking temps everywhere as a line is building out the door. The steak cutter has now appeared and is dicing it up. It goes right into the pan and, yep, I'm still waiting. And so is the person that placed their order before me. Finally someone speaks up and says to change out the steak pans and I have my order being finished and I'm on my way. The wait time was frustrating but I can bear with that. I finally get back to my store, 2 miles away, and wouldn't you know it? Not only is the bowl cold but I must've gotten the kiddie portion of steak. Four ounces? No Way! It's slightly over 2. Now the overall experience is terrible. The wait you can bear, but cold and small portions? Unacceptable. I've noticed that each time I've gone to this particular Chipotle that the staff is forever changing and gone are the friendly staff that use to be there. Sad, it's not even been opened very long and the customer service is going down the toilet. Vestal Parkway, Vestal, NY. All these SUNY kids too, no wonder why Core Life is busier. Hope you can encourage them to straighten this out. Thanks!

Nov 27, 2017
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      Nov 27, 2017

    Did you try taking the food back to the location or calling them for assistance?

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