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Pretoria, South Africa
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I went to buy wings at the sunnypark Pretoria branch, so I ordered my wings and the lady gave me my order slip so I go sit down to wait for her to call my order up. While I'm waiting I use my phone. Sometimes it takes a while but not when I'm the only customer in the shop. So as time passes by about 15 mins I look at the two ladies behind the counter gossiping and laughing about something. I look their direction hoping they will call me up, but they don't so I assume my order isn't ready yet. Then customers walk in and I'm still waiting then I get a bit frustrated because now 20 mins has passed by and they are serving other people while I haven't received my wings yet. Then I get up and ask why I haven't received to order yet then with a stinking attitude she just walks over to my order which is laying on the counter, COLD!!! And I ask her why she didn't call me long time ago?? She answers back with so much attitude saying it's because she saw I was on my phone and didn't want to disturb me!!?? What kind of service is this? Am I suppose to wait around the counter for my food when there is a way to do it? And if so why isn't there a sign to state that cashiers jobs are not to call up orders??! Am I suppose to do her job and ask for my order when I've already paid for it?? I'm am so disgusted with this behaviour and wish to speak to the manager. He/she wasn't available that time, so I took the toll free number which I'm not allowed to call. So I thought to write this letter to make Ware of the kind of service your customers are getting. If we can't get good service then we will no longer continue to support chicken licken. Something has to be done about this issue as I am furious right now. My wings were cold! And when I told her I'd call her superiors she said go ahead with so much attitude and I don't care manner. If that manner is promoted by chicken licken then you have a serious issue because I won't stand for it. If i pay I expect good service!!

Nosipho Dlamini

Jan 21, 2017

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