Chicken Expresswithheld paycheck/health concerns/ no first aid kit

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Upon being hired I submitted an application and brought all the necessary paperwork as needed during the hiring process.(Application, Birth Certificate, Drivers License) They made a copy of all three and two days later the store owner walks up to me and says, "You won't be paid until you bring your Social Security card, you can work but if you don't bring it you won't be paid." I let him know mine was damaged pretty bad and I would request for another. I told him I was a full time student at a University 40 mins away and I would bring it well before the next pay period. He said "As long as you bring the paper saying it's on the way that will work but you will not be paid if you don't." I was hired on a Thursday of a pay week. The following Wednesday I brought the email and showed the manager on duty [protected]) and they said I would have to show the owner when he came back So some one quit the day after and they asked me to pick up a bunch of shifts a including a double on Friday and Sunday and the owner didn't show up at all.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Rockwall, TXSo the Monday of the next pay week rolls around and I let them know I had the paperwork again and they blew it off like he would show up sometime soon. By Wednesday he comes in and I show him the email and he says okay thanks. Friday I go into work and I don't have a paycheck because it was "too late" to get my paperwork processed because I "didn't even have a Birth Certificate" and they had 2 copies of everything in an unorganized drawer full of filled applications and other copies of drivers licenses. I told them i wasnt working until i was laid because i did everything i was supposed to do and they told me that's fine you won't have a job. This was a huge blow to my life. And since I'm on the complaints page I think it's right to mention I cut my finger on one of the water pans and they told me there was no first aid kit in the store. There are a few other things wrong in the back that would definitely get a D+ if someone was to send a health inspector to the back. They claim to wash dishes by spraying them with water and dipping them in sanitation after. I was told "it doesn't have to be all the way clean just get the big pieces of food off"

May 08, 2017
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  • Mi
      May 08, 2017

    Do you still work there? Texas law says final paychecks must be paid within 6 days of you leaving the job.

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