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I went in and nobody was at the front when a employee (women with red hair) cam thru the door . Asked I had been helped . She reeked like frieght train of cigarette smoke. Very bad that the smoke overcame the chicken smell. I even told her that she smelled of smoke . She said sorry I just got off break .See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Kerrville, TX I also noticed she didn't was her hands . As she smokes and handles money . Shaw also handles food witch is very unsanitary. She has reddish hair and has tattoos .was seen handling chicken, money and of course smoking as she said she just came back from break and who knows what else she handles while on break.

  • Updated by Txdave830, Nov 21, 2017

    I’m not going to keep that to myself . Smoke is very nasty .and should not be smoked in a eating facility . If she was a cleaner person she would of washed her hands and Mabe not smoke . .she reeked of smoke something you were not there for . So maybe you should keep your thoughts to your self . Unless you were there to see . To be across the counter and smell her smoke that is pretty bad considering my sense of smell is not that great .

  • Updated by Txdave830, Nov 24, 2017

    Yes I think your right about what she does is her business . But I also think That you should mind your own business as well and keep your nose out of it . If people would keep there nose out instead of in my butt, nobody would get mad and I wouldn’t go and actually complain like I’m fixing to do . You must not have a life and must be old that you like reading and replying to people’s complaints . Unless you like brown nosing

Nov 20, 2017
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  • Po
      Nov 21, 2017

    She definitely should have washed her hands after break. Is it possible that she did it in the back or before she greeted you? Besides that, it was not very polite of you to point out that she smelled of smoke. She probably knew and in the middle of her shift there is not much she can do about it. That is something you should consider keeping to yourself.

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  • Tx
      Nov 22, 2017

    @pobarjenkins I know it’s not polite but she should take better care of herself and not smell like a train. If I’m across the counter and I smell her that is pretty bad. And for you maybe you should keep to yourself as well and not hide behind a computer to tell me things . If you smell I will tell you I’m not going to hold back . Your probably a chain smoker too

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  • Po
      Nov 24, 2017

    @Txdave830 I'm not sure why I need to keep to myself on a public forum. Also, I don't smoke and actually have asthma.

    The only other alternative she would have had on a break would be to douse herself in perfume, and that actually might be worse for other customers/employees.

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  • Po
      Nov 22, 2017

    "and should not be smoked in a eating facility."

    So was she smoking inside or outside during her break? If it was actually in the restaurant then she definitely should not have been doing that. If she was smoking outside on her break then that is her business, not yours. Being a smoker doesn't necessarily make someone an unclean person. I find it interesting that you are telling me to keep my thoughts to myself when you are refusing to do so yourself.

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