Chicken Express / cleanliness/raw food

Bowie, TX, United States

My son and I went to Chicken Express in Bowie TX last night for dinner. The place needed a good cleaning, there were empty tables that needed wiped off and there were very few customers in there so the employees had no excuse for this. Also, after my son and I had ordered I hear the people sitting at the table beside me return their chicken because there was a hair cooked into the batter of their chicken and also they returned the gizzards because they were raw!!! Keep in mind that I myself had ordered gizzards. Now I'm scared. When I get my food delivered to my there is a large black crusty item mixed in with my gizzards. The girl says to me oh I wonder what that is ???? She is the manager there and served me this. Needless to say I did not eat the meal that I payed for and my sons mashed potatoes looked like soup. I will never go into this establishment again and waste my money. I am a single mom trying to make ends meet and it hurts that I threw money away on this kind of service and product.

Jan 16, 2019

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