Chevron gas station / very, very rude employees

United States

I live and go to our local Chevron quite I went in at 1:40 in the afternoon for 1 item and was told it would be about 10 minutes to ring me up because they were doing a shift change…I have been inconvenienced by this before and I, and many others were not happy…you’d think a large corporation like Chevron would have a system in place that would not effect their customers! Then, I was walking in Chevron and trying to buy a pack of cigarettes and handed him an I’d card and he said he couldn’t sell me my cigarettes cause it had no expiration date and state ID’s don’t have expiration dates.

I told him he was being rude and he threw my money at me and told me to get the [censored] out of his store nore wouldn’t sell me gas before walking out, what he had gave me by speaking on the phone after getting corporate number extremely rude and was unkind to his customer’s, and was giving me wrong numbers when calling trying to get Chevron’s corporate number by giving me a run around numbers.

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