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I went to Tom Peden in 2007 and spoke with a salesman and told them I was preapproved for loan through my bank for a car. I told him I wanted a black Malibu LTZ and to call me when they got one in. More than a year later, I still had not received a call. One day as I was headed to His and Her Day Spa in the summer of 08, I saw a black Malibu LTZ parked at the front of the lot. I stopped, told them I wanted it, paid a deposit and finished the rest of my tasks for the day. Later that evening, I went back and bought the car. I bought a BRAND NEW 08 Chevy Malibu LTZ.

Right away, I noticed a noise coming from the rear of the vehicle. I took it to Tate-Porter and the service manager took it for a test drive. When he returned, he told me the door panel had a clip that was not clipped and he fixed it. We had noticed many times were we had to push the cover back on the rear side of the console because it would always come out. A few weeks later, my daughter was sitting in the back seat and put her drink in the rear drink holder. She grabbed the drink just before it took a plunge into the floor. I took the car back to Tate-Porter. Many times, they just pushed it back in. Eventually (almost two years later) they told me the clips were missing that holds the panel onto the console. They ordered the piece and put it in. I took the car to them many times because the foam insulation around the back glass kept coming loose and sticking up in the rear glass. They just shoved it back down in countless times and never replaced it - although it was obvious that the sticky tape was not working. At this time, the foam still sticks up in my back glass.

After a few months I felt water dripping on my legs when I was driving. The service manager at Tate-Porter told me it was condensation from the air conditioner and it was normal. Then in the winter, water began pouring in through my overhead lights. I took it back to Tate-Porter, & the service manager instructed me not to wash the vehicle because this is what caused the leak. They took a paper towel and swiped the lights, dash, and console. DONT WASH THE CAR - PROBLEM SOLVED. I have owned many vehicles and washed them all year round and never once had one leak because I washed it.

After many ignored complaints and failure to provide service for the water leaks, my car finally malfunctioned. I could push the gas pedal all the way to the floor and the car would not exceed 40 miles per hour. I called Todd at Tate-Porter and told them all the codes the car was displaying and was asked to bring the car in. I took it and dropped it off. Later, I get a call from Todd in the service department. He said my car's computer had been flooded with water and it had shorted out causing it to malfunction and was the cause of the problems. (DUH! I HAD KEPT TELLING HIM IT HAD A FLIPPIN WATER LEAK AND HE KEPT TELLING ME NOT TO WASH IT!) He said they were fixing the computer issue and he would have to make an appointment on Wednesday for the "water doctor" to look at my car because they do not handle those types of water leaks in the service department.

Again, I took my car and dropped it off. The "water doctor" informed me and Todd that the plastic end cap on the track of my sunroof was missing which was causing the water to drain inside the car, rather than draining down the drain tubes. I TOLD THEM IT WAS LEAKING INSIDE THE CAR! The water doctor said he installed the plastic end cap, replaced the soaked carpet padding and fixed the water leak. I got in my car to drive away when I noticed the kick plates on the sides of the floor pan where scratched all up. I told them they needed to replace them because it wasn't like that when I dropped it off. They had to order the parts, and again, I had to drop my car off to have them installed.

Sometime later I was driving and the water came out from under the steering wheel and leaked onto my legs while I was driving again. Again, I called Tate-Porter's service manager and I told him it was not air conditioner weather and asked him what the issue was and how can it be fixed. Their service manager (Todd) told me not to wash my car. This past Thursday, I was driving my car after work down I-77 to 7th street when water came pouring out from under my steering wheel onto my legs. I was finally pissed! I called Tate-Porter at 5:35 and asked for Todd, the service manager. The salesman informed me that the service department leaves at 5:00 on Fridays. So I asked him if I brought my car to the lot if he would just document that he saw and could verify that my car was raining on the inside on my legs. Evidently, my frustration was amusing to him. The salesman put me on speaker phone and three of them stood around the phone laughing as I complained about buying a $30, 000 car only to be told not to wash it.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Ripley, WVI told them I had not washed it and the car had been parked for the three weeks prior to that day. The salesmen told me not to bring it to them because they could not document anything and I needed to come in on Saturday and see Todd. I then called Chevy Customer Service (where I'm sure I received India) and my case was escalated to a higher representative who should be calling me back on Monday.
Saturday, I took my car to the service department and spoke with Todd about scheduling another appointment to fix my "water leak" as the salesmen instructed. Todd said he thought that the drain tube was disconnected. He said in the winter when water gets in there and freezes and thaws and refreezes and re-thaws, it eventually works the drain tube off and then the water leaks inside the car. On the way across the parking lot to get my VIN and to tag my vehicle, guess what he did??? He seriously looked at me and asked, "Well, did you wash it?" I told him to "Look at it! IT'S FLIPPIN FILTHY! NO, I DIDN'T WASH IT." As amused as I'm sure he was when I left, I was furious!!! He had scheduled an appointment for the "water doctor" to diagnose my car and I was to bring it back for Wednesday.
When Chevy called me on Monday, the higher representative said they would check into the situation and contact the dealership and follow up with my case. She then called me back and told me that she would contact me after the appointment on Wednesday. On Wednesday, the water doctor called and told me the drain tube had come unplugged and caused the water to leak inside the car. The water doctor said they reattached the tube and replaced the padding in the car because it was wet again. Chevy Customer Service called me and said the service manager at Tate-Porter had assured him that the vehicle was fixed. When I went to pick the car up that night, the service department was closed. I got in the car to leave when I noticed my heater had been running at 90 degrees that day (obviously to dry the car) and a terrible mildew, musty smell. IT WAS MY FLIPPIN CAR! I asked the salesman (Bob Nelson) to smell the vehicle so he could tell them it stinks. He did and would not comment. I asked for the paperwork to note what had happened and that I was not satisfied with the vehicle.
The next morning, I called Chevy Customer Service again. They actually told me I had to work with Tate-Porter and the service department to get the issue resolved! hahahahahaha. Lots of things have happened since then and Mark Porter himself has called me to try to assist in making this right. He has instructed Todd to order me all new carpet and carpet padding for my car to make it smell good again. Mark also said if the leak isn't fixed, he will work with Chevy to obtain a more satisfying solution for me. Hopefully that means to take the piece of crap back!
I have told Chevy and Tate-Porter's service manager, Todd, that I have bought six vehicles from that lot, four of which were brand new. And if this is the best they can treat me, I would never buy another FLIPPIN Chevy as long as I live. . . After I told Chevy Customer Service if they brought me the keys to a brand new Corvette Z06 and said its mine and its free, I would set the flippin’ thing on fire and watch it burn while they stood in my driveway. I also told her I would just go buy a Toyota next time. She asked me if I would seriously by a Toyota with all of the problems they are having. I asked her what she meant. She said with the recalls because of the gas pedal sticking. I said, “So. I will get there a little faster and I will still be dry when I get there.” Hahahaha. Chevy closed my case and noted it "No way to obtain customer satisfaction". LOL! YA THINK!? They could if they would take the piece of crap back.
Anyway, I only posted this because I told Chevy Customer Service and Todd at Tate-Porter Chevrolet that until the day I die, I will tell everyone I meet or know how I was treated in this ordeal. I asked Todd if he realized what an idiot he looks like when I tell everyone he keeps telling me not to wash my car in order to solve my water leak issue. It seemed he didn't mind much. I told them I work at DuPont and I have my own business and my fiancée has his own business, as does my mother. And we will all tell everyone about this experience until they make it right! Oh, and by the way. . . If it isn't fixed and Chevy won't take it back, can you say: ATTORNEY, LEMON LAW, and PRODUCT LIABILITY??????? Until then, if you see a black Chevy Malibu with a driver in a rain suit while driving the car, or an umbrella up inside the car, that will be me. Wave and honk as you pass by. If I wanted to get wet when driving a vehicle, I would have just bought a crotch rocket street bike instead of a MALIBU!

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  • Ch
      Mar 24, 2010

    I also own a 2008 Chevy Malibu Black with the same water leak issue. After numerous dealership repair attempts with no resolution, filed a lemon law complaint and provided the required 'final repair attempt' to GM. During this final repair attempt the noted the following: Sunroof drain tubes were too short to fully seat in the sunroof assembly and body together. Extensions to the drain tubes were installed and the vehicle was returned to me. They may have finally fixed the defect, but the water damage and the mold/mildew odor is a permanently devalue the vehicle. I have an arbitration hearing with the Better Business Bureau/FL Attorney Generals and I that is scheduled for April 5th. Please contact me if I can provide assistance with your complaint. [protected]

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  • Mb
      Sep 07, 2014

    I'm currently experiencing the same thing with my 2011 Chevy Malibu LTZ, did you all ever find out what was going on with your vehicles?

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  • Ca
      Jun 03, 2015

    I have a 2009 Chevy Malibu and have horrible problems with my sun roof. I've had it six times and have spent over $1000 on this problem in the 2 years I've had it. The inside of my car is covered in water stains. When I asked what I could do to stop they proble I was told there is nothing you can do. Now I have so much moister In my car that it could
    Possibly mold!

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