[Resolved] Cheesecake Factorycustomer service issues

On December 29th, 2016, at approximately 9:20pm, my friend and I visited the Cheesecake Factory in Redondo Beach, CA for dinner, like we have countless times before. We were promptly seated in a booth, and we were told that Antoinette would be our waitress. She had never before been our waitress. She took much longer than usual to take our orders, and then we waited for our food to be brought out. As we waited for nearly an hour, Antoinette must have passed our table nearly 10 times without saying a word. After we sat down, an African American family sat behind us and Antoinette stopped at their table 4 or more times, and they received their food before we did. By the time we began eating, the African American family had already left, and I made an effort to check by looking behind me. I watched Antoinette, and she was waiting on 4 different tables near us, but never once stopped to ask us if we needed water, NOR did she tell us "your food will be out shortly, sorry for the wait, etc." She also was not knowledgeable, and wanted to charge me extra for a turkey burger patty. She told me that if I wanted the turkey burger patty wrapped in lettuce, that it would be considered protein style, and that it would be an additional charge. However, in previous times that I have asked for a side of a turkey burger patty, they have brought it with a lettuce wrap, at no additional charge, and with barbeque sauce.
I told my friend that I was going to wait till 10:25pm, more than an hour after we arrived at the Cheesecake Factory, to inquire about the whereabouts of our food. At 10:25pm, I walked up to the hostess and told her that we had been here for more than an hour, and we did not have our food yet. I then saw our "waitress" Antoinette, and asked her "where is our food, it's been an hour" and she rudely said "I DON'T MAKE THE FOOD, WHY DON'T YOU GO BACK INTO THE KITCHEN AND ASK WHERE YOUR FOOD IS." I was shocked and speechless, and then I told her "isn't that your job?" and she rudely responded "YOU DON'T TALK TO ME THAT WAY." I told her that I had the right to ask where my food was and she stormed off and once again said "YOU DON'T TALK TO ME THAT WAY."
It became crystal clear that my friend and I were being directly targeted, and this was a clear case of discrimination. I spoke to the manager, Aurelia, who was polite and professional, and she immediately brought out our food. It turns out that our food was just sitting on the counter, and ANTOINETTE WAS AWARE OF THIS, BUT SHE PURPOSELY DID NOT WANT TO BRING OUR FOOD OUT. Antoinette never apologized, she just walked by and gave me nasty looks.
I will remind all of you that Antoinette is an employee of The Cheesecake Factory, and represents the company, and according to a legal doctrine, Respondent Superior, a company is liable for the wrongful actions of their employees. Antoinette failed to conduct herself according to the code of conduct of Cheesecake Factory, and failed to perform her duties, and went as far as telling me to perform her duties for her, when she told me to "go back into the kitchen and ask where my food was." In addition, she used insulting language when she raised her voice and told me that "she doesn't cook the food." I am well aware that she doesn't cook the food.
I will not stop until Antoinette is fired, and Cheesecake Factory is once again a welcoming place where customers are not sized up and treated like worthless garbage. I am in the process of contacting different news media outlets, and while I have a law degree myself, am consulting with my own private legal counsel in the case that Cheesecake Factory defends Antoinette and tells me that she did nothing wrong. I will never allow this disgusting conduct to go unnoticed, and while employees sometimes make mistakes, this was a CLEAR CASE of malicious, hateful, and purposeful conduct that Antoinette carried out with the specific intent of ruining our dinner experience; therefore, I will not show an ounce of leniency throughout the process. I am 100% convinced that Antoinette was completely aware of the fact that our food was ready, and was purposely neglecting us, and she was just waiting for me to inquire about my food so she could lash out.
I emailed the district manager, Chris DeMoro, on Dec. 29th, 2016, and he never responded to my email. I had to call him, and he's like "Oh I forgot to respond to your email." How stupid, careless, and irresponsible can a district manager be to not respond to a customer's email. It begs the question of how did Chris DeMoro become the district manager in the first place? Then guest services sent me an insulting $40 gift card, where there is no way in hell that I will accept a measly $40. Then I had to call Chris DeMoro again, and he told me that Antoinette offered NO reason or explanation as to why she acted the way she did, and that disciplinary action had been taken against her, but refused to tell me what it was.
I want Antoinette terminated immediately from Cheesecake Factory Inc. for violating the code of conduct for employees, and someone needs to sit Chris DeMoro down and teach him how to properly respond to emails and speak on the phone. He is incredibly inept and speaks like an individuals in elementary school.

  • Resolution statement

    Pat called me from guest services and it was nice that they acknowledged me. I'm happy with the outcome.

Jan 26, 2017

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