Checking Account / Cashier's check deposit delay

1 Kidder St., WilkesBarre, PA, United States

I deposited a cashier's check today and asked the teller to verify that it was the same as cash; no chance for it to be stopped or not be funds available. Another teller butted in and said "oh no, the cashier's check has to clear before it is proven to be good". Surprised I trid to ask "then what's the difference between a cashier's check and a regular check". Before I could get the question asked the teller talked over me and repeated the above statement; of course I couldn't hear her since I was talking. I waited until she was finished and then tried to ask the question again. Again she talked over me. When she finsihed I asked her to let me ask the question before she talked over me. I started to ask the question again and she talked over me again. Steaming, I didn't try again because I was ready to explode. Don't they teach these people how to listen?
I'm now looking for another bank and will transfer my accounts in a few days.


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