Checkers Langebaanrude & unfriendly staff.

I will not shop at Checkers Langebaan again.
Your Checkers Langebaan store must the store with the rudest, most friendly staff with bad attitude in SA. This is the third incident I reported to the management of the store, nothing seems to get done about it, your staff needs training in human relations and customer satisfaction and. One immediately notices the difference when you enter Woolworths or Pick n Pay stores. Their staff is friendly and goes out of their way to help. On 28 July, a few minutes before 12h00, I very politely requested an assistant at the cold meat and deli counter to hand a container to me for filling with olives. Without answering me, she looked away and started talking (in an african language) to one of her colleagues and walked away from me. How rude!!! When I questioned her she answered that she was telling her colleague she had just been to the toilet and was going to wash her hands.
Firstly, she should never ignore a customer.
Secondly, tell the customer what you plan to do, not your colleagues.
Thirdly, wash your hands before you leave the toilet, not in the facilities at the deli counter.
This was the last time I shopped at Checkers Langebaan.

  • Updated by Lourens Meyer, Jul 29, 2018

    "Most friendly staff" should read "Most UNfriendly staff"

Jul 28, 2018

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