checkers hyper tokaistore need fumigation

On 04 January 2015 I forward the store manager an e-mail(below mentioned) with my details and still did not receive feedback. For Urgent Attention: Store Manager

On 2015-01-02 I did my shopping at your store. As I was walking past the Fruit & Veg department towards to tills, I was frighten as I saw a mouse passing almost on my feet past me, under the fridge.

I feel that you urgently need to have your store fumigated, due to health hazard the one mouse I saw and how many others are there that we don't know off causing havoc.

I do not want this bad experience affect me from shopping at your store, thinking/wondering about mice infested store and harming my food I eat.

Awaiting your positive responds.

Thank you for attending to this matter.

Jan 06, 2015

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